Monday, December 24, 2018

Blogmas Day 24: Merry Christmas Eve and a DIY project

Hello Friends,

I hope you are enjoying the holidays. It is Christmas Eve today and it is another exciting day of the year. I worked this morning from home and then finished work at 1:30 pm which was nice. I then did some last minute Christmas shopping and then started wrapping some gifts. We just finished dinner and then we will start our celebrations soon.  My family have traditions that we have done each year. This year I spent Christmas Eve at our apartment with Liam and we are still going to be exchanging one gift later tonight which is something I did with my parents that I loved each year. Then watching my favourite movie "Its a Wonderful Life" later on with Liam.

Today I finished a very quick and easy DIY project to share with you. I made mason jar winter scenes.

 To make this DIY project you will need craft glue, some small trees, mason jars or plastic jars like I have, and some white plastic snow flakes.You can also add whatever else you would like such as glitter for the snow, figures, animal figures and more.

 I started by gluing the trees down onto the lids of the plastic containers. Then once those were dry I then added more glue onto the base and also onto the tree to add some snow onto the tree. Let it dry then screw the lids back onto the jars and then the project is finished.

Today I was wrapping some of my gifts for Liam and my family. Here are some of them and some that Liam wrapped for me. I still have some to wrap, I might be up a bit late tonight wrapping and preparing! 

 These are the two gifts Liam and I will be opening tonight. The blue bag is mine and the red wrapped box is Liam's. My mom gave me the blue bag because we have a tradition of opening pajamas on Christmas Eve and my mom got me some that I could wear tonight for Christmas.

 I have filled Liam's stocking up with a bunch of things so you can see how weighed down the stocking gets when it is full! Good thing it is not for too long or the stocking might stretch.

Thank you for seeing what I am up to this Christmas Eve! What are you doing on Christmas Eve? I love these traditions as well and look forward to the night before Christmas as well. I will be posting again tomorrow for the final day of blogmas for this year. I know many of  you will be busy as will I, so I wanted to say in case you don't see tomorrow's post in time...

Merry Christmas!

I hope that you enjoy the day with family and friends and enjoy the spirit of giving and sharing wonderful memories together. I have really enjoyed blogmas this year sharing with all of you and reading your comments. Have the best day tomorrow!

Have a great night!

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