Stitchy Saturdays

For awhile I would post a new stitch I tried every Saturday. I decided to do this in February 2017 in order to learn more of the stitches, there are so many wonderful stitches that I had not tried before. I have enjoyed talking with you all about the stitches each week. We discussed what projects we would use the stitches on, the look of the stitch, and if we have used the stitch before. I might try new stitches again soon and share but for now Stitchy Saturday is currently on a break. Below are links to the stitch patterns I have tried out:

Rickrack Rib Stitch

Seersucker Stitch

Spring Stitch

Horseshoe Lace Stitch 

Herringbone Stitch 

Parrallelograms Stitch 

Chevron Seed Stitch 

Irish Moss Stitch 

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