Sunday, July 7, 2013

Delicious craisin cookies recipe!

Hello friends,

Sorry I have been MIA lately.  I have been really busy with work and some other adventures. I will recommence bogging again.
Today I kept myself busy with going to the gym, baking, and a bit of grocery shopping..  a rather relaxing Sunday :)
Here is a photo of the cookies I baked.  They are delicious! made predominately with dried cranberries and chocolate chips, rolled oatmeal flakes.
I found the recipe on the back of the dried cranberries package Ocean Spray brand.  They were so delicious, I had two but they are filling! :)

You can find the recipe: here

I am going to be working on my sister's throw more now because she is leaving for residence soon (in September) and I want her to take it with her! I will be posting progress photos :)
Hope everyone is doing well,

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