Friday, December 20, 2013

Finished the Knitted Turban headband!

Hello Friends,

Christmas Countdown: 3 days!!

I finished my knitted turban headband tonight!  I wanted to share the photos of the finished headband with you along with the pattern I used.

The finished product!

Me wearing the headband


Cast on 16 stitches (or less depending on your gauge and yarn you use)
kn2,p2 until you reach your desired width depending on the measurement of your head.
cast off, then attach ends together (ends from the cast on and cast off)

cast on 6 stitches
stockinette stitch until the length is able to wrap around the first piece.
Then cast off and wrap the piece around the body of the headband.
Then weave in the end strand to attach the ends together to form the front of the turban headband.

There you go! you have your turban headband :) enjoy
Have a great day!

Take care,
Lisa xo


  1. Beautiful !!!!
    A Mery Christmas to you !

    1. Thank you Anna, Merry Christmas to you too! enjoy :)
      Thank you for commenting, take care
      Lisa :)


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