Monday, August 9, 2010

Fluffy Cuff Mittens: step one, decision to make them

Hey all !

Okay so since I HAVE NOT BEEN KNITTING at all! I will be knitting some fluffy cuff mittens I found in my stitch 'n bitch book :) [Stoller, Debbie, pg. 180]
I thought that they looked adorable and why not? just because it's summer, but soon it will be winter and who doesn't need cozy mittens ? :) I am quite excited because i've never taken on a challenge such as this, and hey if I get good, maybe I can knit them for family and friends and maybe my boyfriend? I think he'd love a pair ;)
I am listening to George Michael's "Last Christmas". I just got into the mood, which probably sparked this need to knit the mittens lol. . it makes me want it to be cold outside making it nice and cozy inside.. so romantic :)
Okay so I promise promise promise that I will be posting photos regularly of my progress and they WILL be knitted! :)

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