Thursday, November 21, 2013

DIY: Tree Branch Reindeer

Hello Friends!

We had a really windy night here in Toronto on Sunday night which blew down some branches in my front yard.  We have a birch tree that had some branches knocked down by the wind and I decided to make a birch tree Reindeer out of the branch.  I am getting pretty inspired by fallen twigs and branches this winter!
Below I've posted the materials and steps needed in order to make your very own Twig Reindeer.  It's so simple and I had a lot of fun seeing the reindeer come together.  It is truly amazing that you can make these things on your own instead of going to the store and spending a lot of money on Christmas decor and you also have the satisfaction of knowing you made it!

So first as always, you will need certain materials to make this DIY!

- tree branch (for the body), and twigs (for the antlers)
- tree twigs
- hot glue gun
- festive ribbon
- scissors

1 and 2. Collect a tree branch from your tree outside a fallen branch is best instead of tearing one off.  I used a Birch tree branch for mine.
3. Break the branch into pieces to use for your reindeer.  I broke the branches using my hands but if your pieces are too thick you can cut them as well with scissors then try snapping them.  The size is up to you based on how large you would like your reindeer to be. You will need one large, thick piece to be the body, four shorter pieces to be the legs, another three even shorter pieces to use for the tail, neck and head.  Also you will need two pieces of twigs for the antlers.
      4. Glue the four smaller branches onto the body of the reindeer.  I glued the back legs on the end of either side of the branch of the body and the front legs under the branch of the body.
    5. Then glue on the neck and tie a bow with the ribbon around the neck part of the reindeer between the body branch and neck branch.  Glue a piece at the end to be the reindeer’s tail.                                    
    6. Then glue two twigs onto the head piece to become the antlers.
Then you are finished your reindeer, congratulations!

Thank you for visiting and hopefully you want to make your own reindeer using this DIY Tutorial.  For other tutorials on Needles and Wool, Please click the page at the top of the blog titled “DIY Tutorials” and for more Christmas Tutorials click “Christmas Tutorials” Thank you!


  1. This is awesome. I have plans to do a similar project with my little man in December to hang on the tree.

    1. Hope you and your son have fun crafting together! It's so easy with minimal materials and turns out great !

  2. Thank you for the tutorial, Lisa !! Such an original idea !!!!
    Thanks for sharing !!!!


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