Friday, November 29, 2013

DIY: Paper Bag wrapping for Christmas

Hello friends! 

Photo source for picture attached:  hot cocoa

I was so inspired by Fox on the Run's Tumblr photo that I decided to make some of my own to share with my friends and family.  I also wanted to share the project with you.  I love this project because it allows you to tailor your gift wrapping specifically to the person you are giving the gift to.  In this DIY you will see that you can select a photo of your choice to put onto the paper bag with a wooden clothespin to make it look so festive.

So first we will start off as always with the materials you would need for this project.  

-          Paper bags, with or without straps
-          Scissors
-          Photos (either printed from the computer or any other photos you choose to use)
-          Wooden Clothespins
-          Tissue paper

      Step one: 

      Find a photo you like on the computer.  I used because I am always so inspired by the photos that users post.  I saw a bunch that I liked.  When doing it this way I recommend choosing a bunch and printing them out then make a decision because there are so many good photos on there you might get overwhelmed! (Like I did).  Then print out the photos you choose and cut them out.  I left a little white border around my photos so they looked framed.

 Photos are from Links to these individual photos are:  Snowy cat, hot cocoa, candles, snowy street, cat with ornament.

 Collect your paper bag and clothespin

 Gift tags are optional, I bought these from a craft fair a couple years ago.  They look homemade and add to the charm of the brown paper bag.

Collect some tissue paper to wrap your gift 

Step two: 
Use your clothespins to secure the photo onto the paper bag.
 Add tissue paper and the gift inside and the gift tag on the other side so it doesn't block the photo.

 Then you have your Christmas gift wrapped in a unique way that will charm your friends and family.  Below are how the other photos I collected would look attached to the brown bag.

Source for photo: cat with ornament.    

Source for photo:  candles

Source for photo:  Snowy cat
 I also bought some Christmas tins from Value Village one day and wanted to share them with you.  I put some tissue paper inside to protect the gifts and I will tie a red ribbon around them and add gift tags before presenting them.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back soon! Happy Holidays! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

First Big Snowfall and Wearing Knits

Hello Friends, 

Last night it snowed a lot on my way home from work.  It was snowing all night and I just knew it would stay on the ground until morning.  Sure enough it did and it left a beautiful snow covered landscape for all to enjoy.

So I looked out my window today and saw all this snow! it was beautiful and so great to finally get some before Christmas to put me in the Christmas spirit! I decided to go outside, so I put the hat, mittens, and  scarf I knitted to good use! They haven't been tried and tested yet until now.

Picking up snow with my newly knitted mittens knitted with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick wool.  I did not feel any snow come through the mittens, they passed the test!

Walking through the snow in my new boots from Payless, they are not only beautiful but kept me warm trugging through the snow.

Mitten photoshoot in the snow.  They got covered! I had a lot of fun picking up the snow, throughing it up in the air and feeling the crisp cool air on my face.  I love Winter.

Footstep heart in the snow.  I was just thinking how happy I am that you are all with me and I really appreciate you following my blog! so this heart is for you!

 Then I had to make a heart out of my mittens of course!

 A few photos of me wearing the scarf, and hat knitted with  Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick wool.  I love this wool, it is so warm and comfortable.  I feel like I can walk through a blizzard wearing all of these!

scarf wrapped around three times!

Thank you for joining me on my exploration and hope you come by and visit me again soon.  I will be knitting a lot more in the next few weeks for Christmas.  I will be posting more DIY's and more little knitted ornaments! I love those.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

WIP: Works in progress update

Hello Friends, 

Countdown to Christmas: 29 days! 
I posting another progress update! I started knitting a scarf last night out of the raspberry stitch and wanted to share my progress with you.  I love how it is turning out so far! The wool I used is very thin so the scarf feels very light.  I will definitely be wearing this closer to the end of winter and will just be wearing my thick gray scarf for now instead (made from Lion Brand thick and quick wool).   The hat and mittens I knitted are really coming in handy and keeping me so warm! So here are a few photos of my works in progress. 

The hat I am currently knitting is for my boyfriend. I have gotten a lot of it knitted, I should be done in a couple days.   I am using Bernat wool for both the red scarf and the cream scarf The red one is for my mom for Christmas and the cream raspberry stitch scarf is just to practice at this point for myself.   I will probably be knitting future Christmas gifts with this stitch because the pattern turned out beautifully.   

I hope you are all having a good morning, and have a great day!

Thanks as always for visiting, your support means a lot!

Monday, November 25, 2013

How to Knit the Raspberry Stitch!

Hello friends!

Countdown to Christmas... *drumroll please*.... 30 days! One more month! It’s getting closer.

I have always loved the look of the raspberry stitch and really wanted to learn how to make it, so I finally tried it out today. It always looked a little complicated and maybe a little intimidating when I was a beginner knitter.  It isn't too hard, all you need is to know how to do the knit and purl stitches and you can do the raspberry stitch easily. 
 I came across iknitwithcatfur’s Youtube video called “Raspberry Stitch or Trinity Stitch” and found it quite easy to follow and understand.  I recommend this video if the pattern below is difficult to follow, I find seeing a video helps me to learn to knit.  You can click on the video image below for the video I watched.

It is so amazing how you can follow videos on youtube and learn how to do different stitches and they help with all kinds of things.  I have looked at Youtube videos for tips on how to knit buttonholes, how to cable stitch, how to knit a hat, scarf etc. Everything! 
So here is a photo from my very first attempt at the raspberry stitch! I hope you will try it to if you haven’t already.

Raspberry stitch Pattern:
This pattern in done in four rows.  Just repeat from row 1 every time you are done row 4 to complete your project.

ROW 1: P18 stitches (loose)

Row 2: k1, k1p1k1 (1 stitch), p3tog, kn1p1k1, p3tog, k1p1k1, p3tog, k1p1k1, p3tog, k1

ROW3: P18 stitches (loose)

ROW 4: K1, p3tog, k1p1k1, p3tog, k1p1k1, p3tog, k1p1k1, k1


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ten DIY Ideas for Leftover Yarn

Hello friends,

Countdown to Christmas: 31 days!
Ever wonder what to do with leftover yarn?  There isn't enough yarn to make anything so what should you do? Throw it out?
No,  you can make some of these neat DIY projects!

 Buy a clear ornament then stuff leftover yarn inside.  It looks so neat! Pinterest

 1.      The Daily shows us how we can make festive trees using our leftover yarns.  They look amazing!

   Of course this DIY would catch my eye! Wrapping yarn around tree branches.  This looks so great.  From Aesthetic outburst.

A great idea when knitting blankets or sweaters for babies to include little blocks as a gift with the leftover yarn! Pinterest  

  Use wire and leftover yarn to make colorful words! Pinterest

Barbara Elgueta shows us that we can use our yarn to make beautiful striped pillow covers.  

The Vintage Umbrella shows us that we can make wreaths with the leftover wool we have! That looks awesome!

     You can make yarn bracelets! Visit Know and tell crafts to make your own!  

Wrap your yarn around a vase to add some color for a different look! Street Paul Mag 

   Another pompom DIY! This looks beautiful and so easy to do with leftover yarn! Pinterest

I hope you saw something that inspires you,

Black hat in the making

Hello friends!

How is everyone doing today?

Last night I started knitting a hat for my boyfriend Liam.  It's made with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick yarn.  I know, surprise, surprise..  it's my favorite yarn lately I have been using it for everything.
Below are some photos of the hat so far.  I can't wait to finish it and give it to him,  it is getting so chilly outside and last weekend were were both freezing making our way back to his place.and not wearing hats of course.  I just have to try to remember to wear mine from now on.

Keep warm!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Craft Fair Treasures

Hello Friends!

This afternoon I went to a local craft fair to see what neat things were for sale this holiday.  It has become a tradition in our family to go to craft fairs before Halloween and Christmas.  I love looking at what everyone is working on and if I could get any ideas for my own crafting.  I took some photos of the crafts I bought today and posted them below, I hope you enjoy looking through!

I bought a Christmas tree made from couch fabric, a rocking horse ornament made out of wood, a Believe sign made from wood, coasters made from towels, and a vintage style heart made from fabric.

I was drawn right away to this tree when I stepped into a booth at the craft fair.  I noticed another one first, then decided on this pattern.  When I went to buy it I asked the lady if she made it, she said yes and she used couch fabric to make it. It's amazing what can be made out of scraps of fabric we do not need anymore.  

A sweet rocking horse ornament.  I could not resist buying it, there is a certian charm about this horse.  I love that the  bow color matches the bottom of the horse.

I love this little sign.  There were many of them some saying "peace", "merry and bright", "warm winter wishes", but this one "Believe" was perfect because it can hang all year round.  It is perfect for Christmas but also special when you need that extra bit of hope.

These little coasters are adorable. I just knew I had to scoop them up! they were also the last ones.  I felt bad a lady in front of me asked where I got them and I showed her the basket but there were none left.  But at least we chatted for awhile and I met a new face.

There is something about this heart that spoke to me.  I love the vintage appeal it has and the length of the heart.  It's not a small and chubby heart as usual, but a long and skinny heart. It is very soft as well I can use it in a Christmas basket.
Sorry I did not get the names of the stalls where I bought these items but I'm sure there are some ideas on Pinterest or other websites on how to make them or buy something similar :) Happy crafting!

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