Monday, November 25, 2013

How to Knit the Raspberry Stitch!

Hello friends!

Countdown to Christmas... *drumroll please*.... 30 days! One more month! It’s getting closer.

I have always loved the look of the raspberry stitch and really wanted to learn how to make it, so I finally tried it out today. It always looked a little complicated and maybe a little intimidating when I was a beginner knitter.  It isn't too hard, all you need is to know how to do the knit and purl stitches and you can do the raspberry stitch easily. 
 I came across iknitwithcatfur’s Youtube video called “Raspberry Stitch or Trinity Stitch” and found it quite easy to follow and understand.  I recommend this video if the pattern below is difficult to follow, I find seeing a video helps me to learn to knit.  You can click on the video image below for the video I watched.

It is so amazing how you can follow videos on youtube and learn how to do different stitches and they help with all kinds of things.  I have looked at Youtube videos for tips on how to knit buttonholes, how to cable stitch, how to knit a hat, scarf etc. Everything! 
So here is a photo from my very first attempt at the raspberry stitch! I hope you will try it to if you haven’t already.

Raspberry stitch Pattern:
This pattern in done in four rows.  Just repeat from row 1 every time you are done row 4 to complete your project.

ROW 1: P18 stitches (loose)

Row 2: k1, k1p1k1 (1 stitch), p3tog, kn1p1k1, p3tog, k1p1k1, p3tog, k1p1k1, p3tog, k1

ROW3: P18 stitches (loose)

ROW 4: K1, p3tog, k1p1k1, p3tog, k1p1k1, p3tog, k1p1k1, k1



  1. That looks very pretty. I might try it when I get a little better at knitting. It might be a while though. :)

    1. Yeah it's really fun to knit and it's nice once you see the pattern forming and you know you've done it right. Thanks for posting :)


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