Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mittens update !

Picture from the book of the mittens
[photo cred: stitch n' bitch, stoller, debbie]

Picture I took of the pattern pages in the book, stitch n bitch

Wool for the main part of the mittens, (not used yet )

All my materials, my work in progress, the cuff behind the yarn

work in progress, the cuff of one of the mittens :)
I've been working on double pointed needles in garter stitch. It calls for 2 1/2 inches long in the CC, then moving onto the MC in the "patons decor" wool when CC completed.

Alright that's my update! soon there will be more posts, stay tuned
Love, Lisa

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fluffy mittens and cupcake pillows

Hey Bloggers!

Today (much too late I know) I am going to Michaels to pick out the wool I need to begin the fluffy cuff mittens :) I am super excited to get started on this prtoject!
I found a cupcake pillow pattern as well in this "Picture perfect knits" book (pg. 57) by Laura Birek that I'd love to take on once this one is completed. I always have so many ideas and I just need to get started to complete them all.
So I am getting really excited for the fall now, i can't wait for the leaves to fall off the trees, is that weird? should i be sad summer is leaving? truth is, I have had an awesome summer and ready for an awesome fall as well. I am such a fall person, I get creatively inspired and want to make make make in the fall, the summer not so much. The winter I knit gifts for others so it is an equally fun, creative time. :)
alright! have a great weekend! happy creating

Love Lisa
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