Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cleaning messy faces by day and dancing Gangnam Style by night...

Hello friends,

Yesterday in my classroom, we had the graduation celebration for the children moving up to preschool and it was also a joint birthday party for  another little guy turning two.  They all looked adorable with cake smeared all over their faces.  

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 I had a fun time last night at a club for a birthday event. I went with my friend Leeanna (Elle-tea), it was her friend's 23rd birthday with another friend and they got a big group together.   We all had so much fun dancing and of course as mentioned in the title, Gangnam stlye came on and we went wild.   Yesterday I bought a cute new dress from H&M for the night that was 35 dollars originally, but using a gift card I got from my work ... it was only $8 :D I love saving (who doesn’t). Here’s the dress J
The dress I wore :)

beautiful lace

Front of the dress, lace flowers
I will be working on a DIY craft for tomorrow and today I will also be working on getting my scarf all knitted up!

Have a relaxing, fabulous Saturday J








  1. sounds like a good night out lol The dress is great, even better it was a bargain :)


  2. The dress looks so much better on you! It doesn't look as nice hanging


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