Sunday, November 25, 2012

DIY: Christmas Paper Village

Hello friends,

 I am following through on my promise to make a paper village DIY.  I got inspired a week ago when I saw this display at Anthropologie.  I went to work on it last night and here are the steps to creating your very own winter display.  I found the instructions on how to make the trees from the Enchanted learning website and the inspiration and idea from the Anthropologie store.  It is Very easy to do! Have fun!
Gather your materials. You will need:

- scissors
- tape
- white paper (2 sheets for each tree, and one sheet for each house)
- pencil
- cotton balls, glitter, or anything you want for the snow.

 STEP TWO: fold two pieces of white paper in half, one inside the other.  Then draw a tree pattern at the fold of the paper.

STEP THREE: cut out the tree!

STEP FOUR: then separate your two tree pieces.

STEP FIVE: cut a slit with your scissors from the top of the tree down to the center on ONE of the trees, and then cut a slit from the bottom of the tree to the center on the second tree. (they fit together this way like a puzzle)
STEP SIX: fit the trees together by sliding the tree that opens at the bottom onto the tree that opens at the top!  then tape the top pieces together and then tape the bottom pieces together. TA-DA!
STEP SEVEN: If you want a house for your village, here is a house decal of the house I made.  You can print it out if you need too :)

 And a church decal :) the cross is at the bottom to cut out and tape to the top.  I ran out of room on the paper :)

 STEP EIGHT: Cut out the houses and put everything together to create your very own village! I added cotton balls for a snowy effect :)

a cozy village

A snowy tree

A christmas church

A home to keep you warm
 Hope you enjoyed the DIY, if you have any questions feel free to email me at  I'd be happy to answer questions, and get your feedback :)

Have a lovely evening and keep warm! :)




  1. this is so cute, what a great project to do. I love that its all white too xx

  2. This is awesome :) You're so good at the Tutorials - I have a collar necklace tutorial I'd like to put together but don't have the time or patience for it at the moment :) Maybe after the holidays :) I love that this project doesn't take long and it looks much like the village at the holiday parade - nicely done Lisa! :D


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