Monday, November 5, 2012

Snowy days and knitting away....

Hello friends,

Today it actually snowed!  I was driving to my placement site and it was snowing.  It didn’t stay on the ground but it is sure crazy when you see the first snowfall.  I am a cross between thinking “yay snow, that means Christmas is coming!” and “oh no.... the first snowfall, it will get worse”.  I’d rather think the positive of course.  CHRISTMAS IS 50 DAYS AWAY! Speaking of snow, I hope we have a white Christmas this year !
Snow, it wasn't this dark.  But it was amazing.

Tonight I was knitting away my sister's scarf, it's nearly done except for the pockets. I also want to finish soon because I have this lovely wool below to work with for my mom.  I promised her a scarf with this "flaunt" wool to make a ruffled scarf.  Can't wait :)
 I was also looking up different music and working on assignments.  I have so many things I want to be doing right now that working on assignment seems so boring, but I have to get started soon.

 Have a good night, and good start to your day tomorrow!

Lisa J


  1. Ooh, snow! I love snow and we never get much here!

    Thank you for stopping by at knitsofacto :D

  2. You are a knitter! So cool! I've been wanting to take it on for a long time! Enjoy the snow, doll! Wish we had some here in San Diego!

Holly Foxen Wells


  3. I have never seen this wool before, looks cool. Love that you are going to put pockets on your sisters scarf xx


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