Sunday, March 26, 2023

Knitting Baby Blanket and Reading On

 Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. This week flew by being busy taking care of baby and knitting. This weekend we celebrated my husband Liam's birthday with his family and it was nice to see them again. It is feeling more like Spring here in Toronto this weekend. It was warmer and sunny out today and yesterday was a rainy and gloomy day. 

I made some progress this week on the Arches baby blanket by LJM Designs from Ravelry. I got another sequence of rows done this week so making some steady progress.  I am nearing the halfway mark I should be there by next weekend.

I am almost finished reading Book Lovers by Emily Henry and should be done this week. It is a great book and I like the characters will they or won't they type of storyline and love their chemistry. I will be onto reading Every Summer After by Carly Fortune. I got this book for Christmas and I am looking forward to reading it.

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Thank you for visiting my blog today! I hope that you enjoyed your weekend and have a good week ahead! I can't believe it is the last week of March already. I am looking forward to April with moving into Spring and Easter celebrations.

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Happy Spring, Knitting, and Updates

 Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. This past week was busy with keeping up with Evan and running some errands. I find the weeks go by fast while on maternity leave. I know I felt like this with work too that the week went by fast, but sometimes they went by slower than now. I like that my days are filled with baby cuddles, smiles, and playtime. There are also busy and some challenging times to but we can always get past them and learn from them. I like seeing him meet his milestones and so grateful to be able to spend the 18 months maternity leave getting to know him and supporting his development. It is the first day of Spring tomorrow and I am feeling the change shift a bit already with the sun shining more and with daylight savings time it has been lighter out later. It was snowing today though, so it still feels pretty wintry here in Toronto.

I have knitted a lot this past week. I think I am getting more into creating a routine that allows for doing things I love to do. I can usually knit a bunch while Evan is napping like on Friday I was lucky and got to knit for a long time while he was taking a nap. Knitting is a priority of mine lately. I really want to finish the blanket because I am excited to use it for Evan's walks in the stroller in the Spring. I am still reading Book Lovers by Emily Henry. I read a bit of the book last night but I didn't read much last week. 

I haven't done a plant update in so long,  I only have two plants now since we got Millie. I used to have a couple of philodendrons. One that was given to me by my mom, and one that I started growing from a cutting. Those are poisonous to cats so I gave them to my sister. Now I have the African Violet below that is still doing pretty well, no flowers yet but should flower soon this Spring. Millie doesn't bother with that one. The bamboo plant that is in the bathroom doesn't get much sun I moved it so Millie wouldn't eat it. Two of the stalks have died there is one remaining that I am thinking of repotting and putting in our bedroom on the high shelf away from Millie and see if I can bring it back to life. As the weather gets nicer, I look forward to having more plants outside on our rooftop terrace and our front porch.

On Friday night I had some wine and worked on my puzzle. It is a Cobble Hill puzzle that has both cats and books, two of my loves. The funny thing is when I work on my puzzle that has cats on it, it is easier if Millie isn't around because she likes to pounce on the pieces and chew on them. I like to do the puzzle when she is upstairs or napping.

Millie was enjoying the sun shining this morning on her cat tree. 

Joining along with a link up over at As Kat Knits for Unraveled Wednesday.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope that you have a great weekend and great week ahead! 

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Knitting Baby Blanket and Planning for Goals

 Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. This past week was busy with taking care of the baby and getting things done around the house. The week went by so fast and Friday we had another snowstorm. Those days are nice when we could stay home it was nice watching the snow fall all day long. This past weekend we visited with family. We actually all slept in today, I was worried about daylight savings time and getting less sleep but we got more which was surprising. 

I knitted some more rows of the Arches Baby Blanket by LJM Designs found on Ravelry. I like how I am understanding the pattern more so I can look at it and then don't have to refer to is as much now. It will make it go along much faster. I like to take some time during Evan's naps to knit a couple of rows here and there.

I read more of Book Lovers by Emily Henry this week. I try to read a few pages a day and am enjoying the storyline. 

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Evan was noticing Millie more this week and looking over at her from his play mat. It will be so cute as he grows and they interact more. 

I was doing some planning today in my Happy Planner. It is hard to find the time lately to plan and keep checking throughout the week. I planned some of my week and will revisit it during Evan's naps. I planned some upcoming blog posts and also some knitting projects. In the busyness of being a mom to a 3 month baby it feels so nice to pause and think of that I would like to accomplish in the future. I still watch YouTube vlogs that motivate me to achieve my goals. One of my favourites vloggers who I find so inspiring is Carter Sullivan who does monthly resets. She is always working towards her goals. I also like watching videos by Selena Trevino. She also does planning for her months. Some Mom vloggers I like are Meghan Livingstone and Caitlyn Neier. If I take time to watch their videos I always leave wanting to work towards my own goals and moving forward in my plans. One of my goals I am working towards right now is finishing Evan's nursery. I am close to getting everything completed and ordering his rug next. Then just need a book shelf. We put together his crib last weekend.

Thank you for visiting my blog this week and hope that you have a great week ahead!

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Knitting Baby Blanket, Updates, and Reading

 Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. Happy Sunday! The past two weeks I have knitted more of the banket. It is still a slow process since I have been trying to squeeze in time to knit in between taking care of my baby. I am liking the Arches baby blanket pattern by LJM Designs and how the blanket it turning out so far. I ran into the problem of tangled yarn this week which slowed me down. I finally made the decision to chop off that bit last night so I could continue knitting. 

I read a few pages of Book Lovers this week, this is where I am at in reading. I really want to get back into it. Yesterday I was checking out some book series to get into this year. I enjoyed reading book series in the past like Twilight and wanted to find a good one. I found some by Colleen Hoover the Ends With Us series and she has some other series by her I can check out afterwards. Anyone read her work? I look forward to putting more time into reading as the year progresses and also knitting too. 

Millie and Evan have been really keeping us busy. Our cat Millie is so good around our baby Evan and she is gentle and keeps her distance. I look forward to when they interact more and hope it is always gentle. Pictured below is Evan on the Lovevery playmat he loves going on the mat and looking around up at all the pictures and objects hanging down. Here is is doing tummy time and does not love this as much but he is so strong and holds himself up for a few minutes. Millie was cuddling up on the couch this past week. She usually goes on her cat tree but she was wanting to be closer this week,

Thank you for visiting my blog today and I hope that you have a great rest of your weekend! I have made the decision for now to post on Sundays as it is easier to get some extra time when my husband is off work for the weekend to write my blog posts. 

Joining along with As Kat Knits for Unraveled Wednesday.

Have a great day!

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