Sunday, March 19, 2023

Happy Spring, Knitting, and Updates

 Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. This past week was busy with keeping up with Evan and running some errands. I find the weeks go by fast while on maternity leave. I know I felt like this with work too that the week went by fast, but sometimes they went by slower than now. I like that my days are filled with baby cuddles, smiles, and playtime. There are also busy and some challenging times to but we can always get past them and learn from them. I like seeing him meet his milestones and so grateful to be able to spend the 18 months maternity leave getting to know him and supporting his development. It is the first day of Spring tomorrow and I am feeling the change shift a bit already with the sun shining more and with daylight savings time it has been lighter out later. It was snowing today though, so it still feels pretty wintry here in Toronto.

I have knitted a lot this past week. I think I am getting more into creating a routine that allows for doing things I love to do. I can usually knit a bunch while Evan is napping like on Friday I was lucky and got to knit for a long time while he was taking a nap. Knitting is a priority of mine lately. I really want to finish the blanket because I am excited to use it for Evan's walks in the stroller in the Spring. I am still reading Book Lovers by Emily Henry. I read a bit of the book last night but I didn't read much last week. 

I haven't done a plant update in so long,  I only have two plants now since we got Millie. I used to have a couple of philodendrons. One that was given to me by my mom, and one that I started growing from a cutting. Those are poisonous to cats so I gave them to my sister. Now I have the African Violet below that is still doing pretty well, no flowers yet but should flower soon this Spring. Millie doesn't bother with that one. The bamboo plant that is in the bathroom doesn't get much sun I moved it so Millie wouldn't eat it. Two of the stalks have died there is one remaining that I am thinking of repotting and putting in our bedroom on the high shelf away from Millie and see if I can bring it back to life. As the weather gets nicer, I look forward to having more plants outside on our rooftop terrace and our front porch.

On Friday night I had some wine and worked on my puzzle. It is a Cobble Hill puzzle that has both cats and books, two of my loves. The funny thing is when I work on my puzzle that has cats on it, it is easier if Millie isn't around because she likes to pounce on the pieces and chew on them. I like to do the puzzle when she is upstairs or napping.

Millie was enjoying the sun shining this morning on her cat tree. 

Joining along with a link up over at As Kat Knits for Unraveled Wednesday.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope that you have a great weekend and great week ahead! 


  1. Wow! 18 months maternity leave is great. Pretty knitting and that puzzle is cute!

  2. I second the idea that 18 months maternity leave is so wonderful. The blanket will be so cozy and a great keepsake for Evan.


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