Sunday, March 12, 2023

Knitting Baby Blanket and Planning for Goals

 Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. This past week was busy with taking care of the baby and getting things done around the house. The week went by so fast and Friday we had another snowstorm. Those days are nice when we could stay home it was nice watching the snow fall all day long. This past weekend we visited with family. We actually all slept in today, I was worried about daylight savings time and getting less sleep but we got more which was surprising. 

I knitted some more rows of the Arches Baby Blanket by LJM Designs found on Ravelry. I like how I am understanding the pattern more so I can look at it and then don't have to refer to is as much now. It will make it go along much faster. I like to take some time during Evan's naps to knit a couple of rows here and there.

I read more of Book Lovers by Emily Henry this week. I try to read a few pages a day and am enjoying the storyline. 

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Evan was noticing Millie more this week and looking over at her from his play mat. It will be so cute as he grows and they interact more. 

I was doing some planning today in my Happy Planner. It is hard to find the time lately to plan and keep checking throughout the week. I planned some of my week and will revisit it during Evan's naps. I planned some upcoming blog posts and also some knitting projects. In the busyness of being a mom to a 3 month baby it feels so nice to pause and think of that I would like to accomplish in the future. I still watch YouTube vlogs that motivate me to achieve my goals. One of my favourites vloggers who I find so inspiring is Carter Sullivan who does monthly resets. She is always working towards her goals. I also like watching videos by Selena Trevino. She also does planning for her months. Some Mom vloggers I like are Meghan Livingstone and Caitlyn Neier. If I take time to watch their videos I always leave wanting to work towards my own goals and moving forward in my plans. One of my goals I am working towards right now is finishing Evan's nursery. I am close to getting everything completed and ordering his rug next. Then just need a book shelf. We put together his crib last weekend.

Thank you for visiting my blog this week and hope that you have a great week ahead!


  1. Lovely photos Lisa. I think it's great that you're managing to do some crafts and reading each day. It may only be a few rows or a few pages but it's something just for you. Organising and cleaning, I like The Organised Mum Method. 15 mins a day basic upkeep, plus 30 mins a day in a designated space eg Living room, bedroom, hall/dining room and kitchen.
    Many people get caught up in the timings... fair enough if you have more than 1 bathroom - do a few things each day. Lol (load of laundry) folding/putting away yesterdays washing and putting on a load still counts. Lastly, the 30 mins can be split into
    eg 3x 10 mins.
    All the best, Cathy x

  2. he is such a sweetie!! love the blanket :)


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