Tuesday, July 20, 2021

I got a Kitten!

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I haven't been blogging a lot lately because we got a kitten! Her name is Millie. She is now 10 weeks old, although the vet didn't believe me because she is so small. She has been keeping us busy this past week and a half. We brought her home from the breeder on July 10th and she had a rough night meowing and was not being sure of us yet. I was up every couple of hours lying on the floor across the room from her to give her comfort but also space. 

The photo below is from the second day we had her which was a Sunday. She was still not sure about us, but was letting us get closer and sit by her. She kept an eye on us and she started exploring her room more, her toys, and litter box.

Soon after, she let us first pick her up and she was sitting with us on Monday. She has since really warmed up to us and she is such a bright light for us in our lives. She is so sweet, playful, and just wants to always be around us. The photo below was one morning when she climbed up onto my shoulder and was chewing on my hair.

She has so much energy and loves chasing toys. She really likes the cat dancer and the ball spinning toys. She has started chasing after balls as well. It is so cute when she just runs around from one room to the next and gets the "zoomies".

During the week, while we are working she sits in my lap most of the day because I am working in the room we have open to her to play in. She always likes to be with us and lies on our lap and snuggles

Thank you for stopping by today! I really enjoyed sharing photos and talking about my Millie. Life has been so much better and full with her in it. I haven't been knitting or reading much, it has been all about her lately. In the next two weeks, I have some time off work so I will have some much needed time off and me time.

Have a great day!

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