Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Yarn Along Wednesday- Wildflower and Knitted Socks

Hello Friends,

How are you this week? I hope that November has treated you all well, and that December has wonderful things in store for you! I am doing well, I had an interview yesterday for a job at a childcare center that I think went really well, so now I am in the waiting stage to hear back from them but I am quite excited because I am hopeful that it will be a job offer *crosses fingers*. I am also getting excited well more excited for Christmas since advent begins tomorrow and I begin the tradition of opening a door every day to get a chocolate usually by Laura Secord or Lindtt. My boyfriend is going to get one too. I am glad he will be joining me in advent too we have shared one in past years when I would come over to visit we would eat most of them when I would come over but now since we are living together we will have our own.
 This Wednesday I have decided to do another Yarn Along, it is pretty fun to share what projects we are working on and the books we are reading. You can see other bloggers posts for their Yarn Along at!
This week I am sharing a book I have had on the go for quite some time and I really enjoy. It's called Wildflower by Drew Barrymore. It is interesting to read about her life especially her upbringing she definitely did not have it easy at first and it was a struggle but she got through it and thrived. The knitting project I am working on this week is to finish socks I am knitting for my sister for Christmas. I am on the second sock now so I should finish it if I work on it all today. I will also share another photo that I posted on Monday with a peppermint mocha from Starbucks in one of those holiday red cups. I like the design this year and that some say crafted by hand and heart because I believe everything I make and other's make are crafted by hand and heart.

Wildflower by Drew Barrymore and knitting the second sock using Charisma Heather light gray yarn by Loops & Threads

Starbucks break with knitting on Monday enjoyed the new cup!

Thank you as always for dropping by! I always appreciate your support and comments.
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Friday, November 25, 2016

Knitted Baby Booties

Happy Friday Friends!

It is the end of the week and we are heading towards the weekend. For some the weekend is already beginning and others it is soon within reach. Today I finished knitting up my second pair of baby booties and I posted on Instagram already but also wanted to share with you on my blog. I am so happy with how they turned out because I have wanted to knit baby booties for so long but I used to think they looked hard to knit but I finally decided to give it a try and they were really fun and easy to knit up! I followed a video on YouTube because I love to follow videos when I am learning something new. I watched One Hook & Two Needles' video on how to knit baby booties. Please visit her channel if you would like to knit some of these booties she explains very well and goes at a good pace to follow along.

 Here is my pile of knitted items that I will be donating to the Salvation Army so far. I have a child's hat, a baby hat, and two pairs of baby booties.

Thank you for visiting and I would love to read your comments! 

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Yarn Along Wednesday

Hello Friends,

It sure has gotten colder in Toronto. We had  the first snowfall of the winter season here in Toronto on Sunday and there is still a little bit of snow on the ground now to remind us winter is coming.
We put up the Christmas tree at my parent's house this weekend and attended a Santa Claus parade it was so nice catching up with them and sharing in some of our usual Christmas traditions. I was able to squeeze a bit of knitting into our busy weekend by the Christmas tree which was lovely.

Knitting by the Christmas tree, a secret give for someone special
I have been knitting a lot lately I started a secret project for my boyfriend and I have been knitting up hats for charity and finishing off socks for my mom and sister. I will get started on another knitted gift for my mom soon. I was thinking of knitting up something for my dad too, I will have to brainstorm some ideas for a knitted gift for him. I finished another hat for charity for a baby and I just got a bunch more yarn to knit up some more hats they are pretty quick to knit up so I am sure I will have a stack to donate in time.
Today I participated in my first yarn along by posting on Instagram and now on my blog. I have seen other knitters post what they are reading and knitting and thought it was a fun idea. If you want to also participate in Yarn Along, you can upload your picture of a book and what you are knitting by following the link below.

I am knitting baby booties for charity and got started on one today. I have finished it now and it is pretty adorable but I will post a photo when both booties are completed. I used a pattern from a Youtube channel One Hook & Two Needles and the video is called "0-3 Month Booties - Beginners Knitted Version 2" if you want to check it out! I am currently reading Homeward Bound by Emily Matchar it was recommended by another knitter I follow on Instagram so I decided to give it a try. It is pretty good so far and it is interesting to read about a movement towards domesticity that I have noticed that people of all ages are engaged in, and people in their twenties (like myself) are interested in things such as knitting and making their own jam and blog about it. I am loving it so far!

Thank you as always for joining me in this space and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Knitted Hats for Charity

Hello friends,

I hope you are having a good week so far I have been enjoying the week, mostly knitting and job searching as I am currently unemployed.  I find ways to keep my spirits up like I knit a lot which gives me something to do and feel accomplished when I finish a project, chat with family and friends, and go out for walks and go run errands. I have contemplated going to workshops concerning my field of early childhood education while I am unemployed. I attended the "Wonder of Learning" exhibit in Toronto last Friday which informed me more about the Reggio Emilia approach. That was very interesting and I am so glad that I went.
In other news I have knitted one hat for charity, and going to begin another hat soon. I have been knitting gifts for family and friends for Christmas and I am almost done knitting a couple things. I will also be starting to knit a gift for my boyfriend which I will give you a sneak peak to see it but I will post all my knitted gifts after Christmas so I don't spoil the surprises. I am excited that I will be finished knitting by the end of November because last Christmas I was scrambling to finish knitting gifts right up to Christmas Eve. I was still in University at the time and swamped with exams and assignments until mid December so it is so nice to have this time right now to complete the gifts in good time for Christmas.  I am sharing some photos below of the completed child's hat to be donated to the Salvation Army Toy Depot and I am working on some more smaller hats for babies and toddlers to be donated as well.

The first finished hat for charity and beginning the second, which will be a baby hat. I might make two in this color yarn because I will have leftover yarn. 

When I was just starting to knit the first hat for charity. I was so excited that I could knit this up in one day!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog I really love your comments!

have a great day x

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Knitted Tiny Christmas Stocking

Hello Friends,

Lately I have been very busy knitting up socks for my family for Christmas gifts and knitting small stockings. I am also going to knit up some children's hats to donate to the Salvation army soon as I finish up some more projects and I can't wait for that. I volunteer at the Christmas Toy Depot at a church in my home town every year, and they have donated toys and gifts for families who need extra support around this expensive time of year. There are always knitted treasures there that have been donated by knitters and crocheters. Last year there was a woman looking for gifts for her children and she was thrilled to see the knitted mittens and scooped them up. I  saw the true appreciation for the knitted and handmade items and it warmed my heart. I've decided to knit hats this year I will start as soon as possible. Today I am sharing photos of some small knitted stockings I have knitted up, they aren't finished in the photos I still want to add a loop on the end to be able to hang them up. They will be so great to give as gifts and put some small gifts inside.

I found this pattern online for "the balm sock" which is a small stocking that you can give with a lip balm as a gift idea. I found the pattern on the blog Simply Notable you can find the pattern here.

Finished one, almost finished my second one

These little stockings are a lot of fun to knit up quickly I can knit one each day, it doesn't take too long. I chose this red yarn with silver strands running through it because it looked very festive. The white yarn I used for the cuff and heel is Isaac Mizrahi University Yarn - Julliard 3 oz.. I have had the red yarn for too long without the label I cannot remember what brand sorry about that, but the Issac Mizrahi University Yarn - Parsons would be lovely to use for the stocks as well.
I used bigger needles than the pattern requested I used 3.75 mm, I tweaked the pattern a bit because I wanted it to be longer than the first attempt following the pattern which turned out looking like a baby sock. I knitted 3 inches from the top of the cuff before I knitted onto the waste yarn, and when toe shaping and casting off for the heel I only did so when there were 8 stitches remaining to get more length. I found the pattern easy to follow and informative. 

These are some socks I have been working on, The blue socks are for my mom and the grey socks are for my sister. I am currenly working on the first sock for my sister and just making adjustments to the blue socks for my mom. I love working with Charisma Heather yarn by Loops & Threads that I am using for these socks. The yarn is so soft and a bit on the chunkier side so the socks come out so cozy.  I am following the VeryPink Knits video and pattern for knitting socks in magic loop.

Thank you for visiting my blog and hopefully there are some patterns that you will give a try!

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