Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Knitted Tiny Christmas Stocking

Hello Friends,

Lately I have been very busy knitting up socks for my family for Christmas gifts and knitting small stockings. I am also going to knit up some children's hats to donate to the Salvation army soon as I finish up some more projects and I can't wait for that. I volunteer at the Christmas Toy Depot at a church in my home town every year, and they have donated toys and gifts for families who need extra support around this expensive time of year. There are always knitted treasures there that have been donated by knitters and crocheters. Last year there was a woman looking for gifts for her children and she was thrilled to see the knitted mittens and scooped them up. I  saw the true appreciation for the knitted and handmade items and it warmed my heart. I've decided to knit hats this year I will start as soon as possible. Today I am sharing photos of some small knitted stockings I have knitted up, they aren't finished in the photos I still want to add a loop on the end to be able to hang them up. They will be so great to give as gifts and put some small gifts inside.

I found this pattern online for "the balm sock" which is a small stocking that you can give with a lip balm as a gift idea. I found the pattern on the blog Simply Notable you can find the pattern here.

Finished one, almost finished my second one

These little stockings are a lot of fun to knit up quickly I can knit one each day, it doesn't take too long. I chose this red yarn with silver strands running through it because it looked very festive. The white yarn I used for the cuff and heel is Isaac Mizrahi University Yarn - Julliard 3 oz.. I have had the red yarn for too long without the label I cannot remember what brand sorry about that, but the Issac Mizrahi University Yarn - Parsons would be lovely to use for the stocks as well.
I used bigger needles than the pattern requested I used 3.75 mm, I tweaked the pattern a bit because I wanted it to be longer than the first attempt following the pattern which turned out looking like a baby sock. I knitted 3 inches from the top of the cuff before I knitted onto the waste yarn, and when toe shaping and casting off for the heel I only did so when there were 8 stitches remaining to get more length. I found the pattern easy to follow and informative. 

These are some socks I have been working on, The blue socks are for my mom and the grey socks are for my sister. I am currenly working on the first sock for my sister and just making adjustments to the blue socks for my mom. I love working with Charisma Heather yarn by Loops & Threads that I am using for these socks. The yarn is so soft and a bit on the chunkier side so the socks come out so cozy.  I am following the VeryPink Knits video and pattern for knitting socks in magic loop.

Thank you for visiting my blog and hopefully there are some patterns that you will give a try!

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    1. Thank you Anna! I will be posting some pictures later on of the stockings with the stocking hangers also crocheted on. Thank you for your support!


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