Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Yarn Along Wednesday

Hello Friends,

It sure has gotten colder in Toronto. We had  the first snowfall of the winter season here in Toronto on Sunday and there is still a little bit of snow on the ground now to remind us winter is coming.
We put up the Christmas tree at my parent's house this weekend and attended a Santa Claus parade it was so nice catching up with them and sharing in some of our usual Christmas traditions. I was able to squeeze a bit of knitting into our busy weekend by the Christmas tree which was lovely.

Knitting by the Christmas tree, a secret give for someone special
I have been knitting a lot lately I started a secret project for my boyfriend and I have been knitting up hats for charity and finishing off socks for my mom and sister. I will get started on another knitted gift for my mom soon. I was thinking of knitting up something for my dad too, I will have to brainstorm some ideas for a knitted gift for him. I finished another hat for charity for a baby and I just got a bunch more yarn to knit up some more hats they are pretty quick to knit up so I am sure I will have a stack to donate in time.
Today I participated in my first yarn along by posting on Instagram and now on my blog. I have seen other knitters post what they are reading and knitting and thought it was a fun idea. If you want to also participate in Yarn Along, you can upload your picture of a book and what you are knitting by following the link below.

I am knitting baby booties for charity and got started on one today. I have finished it now and it is pretty adorable but I will post a photo when both booties are completed. I used a pattern from a Youtube channel One Hook & Two Needles and the video is called "0-3 Month Booties - Beginners Knitted Version 2" if you want to check it out! I am currently reading Homeward Bound by Emily Matchar it was recommended by another knitter I follow on Instagram so I decided to give it a try. It is pretty good so far and it is interesting to read about a movement towards domesticity that I have noticed that people of all ages are engaged in, and people in their twenties (like myself) are interested in things such as knitting and making their own jam and blog about it. I am loving it so far!

Thank you as always for joining me in this space and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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  1. I love knitting booties!
    Yours look darling!!!
    I am anxious to see them all done up together.
    That book looks very good. I'm going to have to get ahold of a copy of it.
    It's so nice you were able to spend time with your parents and decorate the Christmas tree. I have to do all of that this next week. But first, we have to get through Thanksgiving Day tomorrow here in the States...
    Have a lovely weekend,

    1. Thank you Danette! I have been enjoying knitting the booties I feel a little addicted right now and to think of cute babies wearing them make me want to knit more! I hope that you read the book too and let me know how you like it! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! have a good weekend too Danette, thank you !

  2. Love crocheting booties too !!! For babies or adults !
    Have a cosy day !

    1. They are so fun! haha I should try to knit myself a pair! probably pretty cozy :D
      Have a great day Anna!

  3. Lovely post today Lisa, you are getting in the Christmas spirit. Sending you a hug and thanks for your kind words.

    1. Thank you Meredith! yes I love Christmas I start getting in the spirit early November. You're welcome! hope you and your family are well.


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