Sunday, April 19, 2015

Knitting Socks for Mother's Day

Hello Friends,

Yesterday was my first day off since I finished exams at school and completing my first year at University.  I am so happy to be done for the summer break. Now I just have one more year to go and I am done! Yesterday I worked on knitting my sock and I will knit more again today.  I have wanted to post and visit other blogs so much while I was in school but I needed to focus on my studies and my co-op.  I am so happy to be knitting and blogging again!
The socks are going to be a gift for my mom for Mother’s Day, so I hope I can get them done by then.  I am using the VeryPink Knits video on YouTube again to help me knit them.  It is so helpful to follow the steps along with the video, and I recommend if you are just starting to knit socks for the first time to look at Danielle's videos to learn how to knit socks with magic loop needles. Here is a photo of the progress so far I am just at the point where I am turning the heel:

The inside of the sock, look at the turning of the heel

The back of the sock and turning of the heel

I knitted alot yesterday while watching Teen Mom OG. That show is so addicting! I am glad they came back with another season of the old cast members to see how they are doing and get updates.  They were teen moms and had their babies when they were sixteen and it shows their struggles and accomplishments through it all.

 I hope you all are doing well and I am looking forward to checking in to see all of your blogs and catch up!
Thank you all for visiting my blog again.

Take care,

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