Monday, June 16, 2014

Halfway done the cowl and kitten updates!

Hello friends,

I am so sorry for my lack of posting lately.  Once I finished the blanket I started knitting the cowl more often and I have been making a lot of progress on knitting the eyelet moss stitch cowl in a royal blue colored yarn.  It is looking nice now.

Also in other news the kittens are growing quickly and are into everything including my yarn! I have been pushing the limits trying to knit in the same room with them because before we got them I would always knit while watching TV.  As you can see from the photos below it is quite a struggle but it is definitely getting easier as they grow!

Moo chewing on my needles...Moo that is not what they are for!

mmm needles are fun to chew on...

Moo liking these giant sticks that would make great cat toys
Roo also checking things out

Moo and I taking a "Cat Beard" selfie

I love this guy

Roo and Moo playing with their new cat toy from Walmart. It works great actually! a rod goes in circles under the mat with a red tail and acts as a mouse for them to catch.  They weren't sure about it at first but then loved it!

Moo in the Loo

Hope you enjoy your weeks! thank you for visiting and for your support :)

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Finished Knitting the Basketweave Baby Blanket!

Hello Friends,

I have finally finished knitting the baby blanket!  I finished knitting the last stitches today and it felt great binding off and looking at it all complete.  I have enjoyed knitting this baby blanket and learning how to knit the Basketweave stitch for the first time.

Blanket details:

Pattern used: Basketweave stitch baby blanket pattern found on Stockinette blog
Measures: 20" width by 30" length
Materials used: Size 6 US needles (4.25 mm) and Loops & Threads "Snuggly Wuggly" wool color: "Petal dots".

Thank you for following along!
take care,

Lisa :)

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