Sunday, January 7, 2024

Happy New Year!

 Hello Friends,

Happy New Year!  We are one week into 2024 now I can't believe how time flies by. I wanted to share with you a few things I received for Christmas to get me started on the New Year and also some more updates. 

I was gifted the Happy Planner and stickers this year from my Mom and Dad. I love planning and didn't get into it too much last year because I was so busy with having Evan in November then the last year was a busy time trying to find time to plan. This year I have been using the new planner more already. I started on New Year's Eve to put some stickers on the pages and plan a bit and have added to this year week. It is the dashboard style and it is for moms and I think I will like this style for being more busy with Evan. I like the cover that says "find joy in simplicity". There is so much joy and love in our home with Liam, Evan, and Millie. I feel like my life is simpler that before, but so full.

I also received the mindfulness self care calendar from Liam and I have been looking at the quotes daily and they are bringing me joy and some positive words to the start of the year. 

I was gifted the mug below from my sister and love the quote "So much yarn so little time". I have it pictured here below with the project I will be picking up again soon! I was knitting these socks before I had Evan and took a break to knit some baby items. I had the pattern on the yarn sleeve and I have to find it again lol then I will be continuing on.  I also hope to look up some new patterns soon and buy more yarn (so much yarn!) to knit a new project. 

I was gifted the book below Tom Lake by Ann Patchett. I read some good reviews for the book and look forward to reading it as well this year. I have been enjoying the book I was also gifted the Whole-Brain Child that I started reading on Boxing Day. It will be so informative and noticed today it is around 130 pages so will be a faster read. It is good so I can start applying what I read sooner with Evan.

I hope that you have had a good start to the year! This year will be full of more firsts with Evan and I will be going back to work in the Spring. This will be an adjustment and I am also looking forward to it. I will be transitioning back to work and also transitioning Evan to daycare. It will be a busy and emotional time I am sure. I am also so excited to see all the things Evan learns this year. It has been amazing watching him grow this past year and our relationship with his blossom and this year will have a lot in store for us as well. 

Have a great day!


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