Sunday, September 24, 2023

Knitting Updates, Baby Items, and Reading On

 Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I was ambitious in my last post and on Instagram when I said I would be done the baby blanket by today. I am very close to being done (only 16.5 rows left) My new goal is to be finished knitting the blanket by Wednesday :) I can't wait to be finished to share it with you all and to also use it on my walks with Evan this fall and winter if we can go out. 

I have purchased a few things for Evan recently I thought I would share with you. I love the plush pumpkin from the Dollarama, it is light and soft an Evan smiles when he sees it. The I Like Me book by Karen Beaumont I bought after watching a YouTube video called 9-12 baby must haves by HealthNut Nutrition. She vlogs about her life and health and she has a toddler and posted lots of videos back when her daughter was around Evan's age so I watch those. I think Evan will enjoy the book later on and it has a really good message about liking yourself for who you are. She also recommended the Bumbly bear by Jellycat. He hasn't really taken to the bear yet, but it is so adorable I hope he will soon! We got the small bear and it is the perfect size for a baby. I found the book the teeny tiny ghost by Rachel Matson online at Indigo. It is such a cute book and Evan looks at the pictures as we read, but he is still not completely focusing on the book. It might takes some time for him to get into the story and look at the pictures. I love all of my recent purchases and I think Evan will really love all of them with time. It is always hit or miss with babies if they like a toy or not. I am always looking out for more ideas of things to get him he is 10 months this week if you have any recommendations! I am looking at the Vtech walker because he is starting to really like to walk assisted. 

And Bumbly again because he is just so cute. I can't wait for Evan to cuddle him one day. He is a couple of other bears he likes to play with, but not really big on stuffed animals yet.

I am continuing to read It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover. It is good so far. I have been reading just before I go to bed lately which has really been helping me to read more.

Thank you for visiting my blog today and I hope that you have a great week ahead! I hope to be here on Wednesday to share with you my Arches baby blanket finish finally! I hope that you are doing well with your projects and reading as well. 

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Knitting Baby Blanket, Plants Update, and Reading On

 Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. It has been busy around here lately with Evan starting to walk and crawl. He still needs assistance with walking and I hold him up a lot to walk to wherever he wants to go. His crawling is coming along too. He reaches for what he needs and he will move his legs a bit to grab items but still working on it. It has been fun to see how much he is growing in the past week. It is feeling a lot like Fall now which I love. I love the cooler air and sweater weather! I have gone on one walk so far with Evan in this cooler weather and I loved wearing a sweater and Evan was in a onesie and cozy. 

I have been knitting the Arches Baby Blanket. I unfortunately have run into another tangle! I can't believe it. I know I sometimes toss the blanket onto my shelf to go get my baby but it seems like a lot. It is Snuggly Wuggly wool by Loops & Threads. I will untangle this week and still really aiming for a Sunday finish and blocking this weekend. Millie looks like she likes the blanket, as I was taking photos of my blanket she walked on and laid down. She seems to approve.

Evan is almost 10 months old I can't believe it! He is now making lots of sounds and really lets it be known what he wants to do. Here he is playing with Millie below. She has started to be a bit weary of him because he can move around a lot faster so she comes near but keeps a distance now.

I have really been loving the Carter's brand of baby and kids clothing. I go to the store nearby sometimes but mostly like to put in an order through the Carter's site when they have good sales for the upcoming season. Amazon also carries Simple by Carter's and I love just being able to order onesies or whatever he needs quickly. I loved this shirt below the says "Daddy's mighty guy" baby clothes are so cute!

Here is Evan below looking through his Toronto ABC book. It has been one of his favourites and one he is always happy to have read to him. It is also fun for us to think of all the places we can bring him around Toronto in the future when he is older.

My African violets are doing well and the one from my old apartment on the left is thriving with flowers now. I love seeing how it just blossomed over the Summer. I bought the one on the right this Summer to add another plant. African violets are okay to have with cats so they are my new go to and they look so pretty. They are really resilient too and even if they aren't watered for awhile they can come back. The bamboo plant below is down to the last stalk but hanging in there. I used to have it in the washroom when I was worried about Millie biting it but she is pretty good with plants so it is back on the kitchen counter near the breakfast bar. I think it does better here with the light and gets more water.

I have just started reading It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. I think I will like it just from the way the book starts. I like the chemistry between the characters and I am looking forward to reading more. I plan to get the book It Starts With Us as the sequel once I finish It Ends with Us.

Joining along with As Kat Knits for Unraveled Wednesday

Thank you for visiting my blog today! I hope that you are also having a great week! I hope to come back Sunday with good news of completing my blanket. 

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Knitting the Arches Baby Blanket and Reading On

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I got the yarn untangled finally this week! I was untangling as much as possible and then I decided to just cut what I couldn't untangle anymore. I thought the yarn might be weaker in those spots and don't want to affect the blanket once it is done. I am so happy to be knitting again. It felt so silly that I was spending my valuable knitting time just untangling! I missed knitting and following the pattern. I am continuing on with the Arches baby blanket and I am getting so close to being done. I feel like it is so long since I started knitting it now, last November right before I had Evan. I have knitted during his short newborn naps and then through his longer naps now as an infant. I have more time now during his naps for cleaning, preparing food, knitting etc. It is a good feeling. I wanted the share some photos of the blanket now I have about 2.5 repetitions left to go. I am on the 12th repetition of 16 row repeat now of 14 repetitions of the pattern. So the end is in sight! then I will bind off for the final row.

I am still reading Every Summer After by Carly Fortune. It is really good so far. I am looking forward to starting to read It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover hopefully next week. I have been reading Self- Care for Moms by Sara Robinson here and there and I like the advice so far. It is so important to work on self-care all the time especially in the busy times of being a new mom.

I bought a cute pumpkin mug from Indigo recently that I have been enjoying drinking from in the morning. I am so happy it is almost Fall and I am thinking of decorating soon.

Joining along for the link up over at As Kat Knits for Unraveled Wednesday.

Thank you for visiting my blog today! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Let me know in the comments below what you are working on and reading this week! Take care :)

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