Saturday, August 5, 2017

Stitchy Saturday: How to Knit the Chickadee Bubbles Stitch

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. This week I decided to knit the Chickadee Bubbles Stitch. I found a lovely photo of the stitch on Pinterest by @woolvan knits and I wanted to give it a try. I love the look of this stitch and it was a lot of fun to knit up!

Chickadee Bubbles Stitch 
For my swatch, I cast on 20 + 3 stitches and knitted the 12 row repeat three times

Knit 4 below: Insert needle in stitch in the 5th row down, drop stitch off needle and unravel 4 rows down, and knit, catching the 4 loose strands behind stitch. (Directions with photos below)
With color A, cast on a multiple of 4 stitches + 3.
Row 1 - wrong side: purl.
Row 2 - right side: knit.
Row 3:  purl.
Row 4: knit.
Row 5: purl.
Row 6:  knit 3, * knit 4 below, knit 3; rep from * to end
Row 7: purl.
Row 8: knit.
Row 9: purl.
Row 10: knit.
Row 11: purl.
Row 12:  knit 1, * knit 4 below, knit 3; rep from * to last 2 stitches, knit 4 below, knit 1.
Repeat Rows 1 - 12

Knitting pattern from Knitting Stitch Patterns. 

Instructions on how to do *knit 4 below: 

1. After knitting the three (row 6) or one required stitches (row 11), on the next stitch, count five holes down below the stitch

2. Then put needle through the fifth hole below the stitch

3.  Drop the first stitch on the left needle, then pull the stitch down until there are four rows of dropped stitch visible

 4. Then wrap your yarn around the right needle to make a knit stitch and pull through

 5. Once you have knit the stitch, it will look like the photo below, then continue on to knit three stitches

 It will look like the photo below once the three stitches are knitted, then repeat steps 1 through 5 to complete the knit four below step in the chickadee bubble stitch pattern.

What I thought of the stitch pattern:
I loved this pattern, it is so fun to knit up and does not take a lot of time. I really love the finishing texture and I think it would be so fun for a hat and give it such a fun unique look.

Knitting level:
I think that this could be done by a beginner knitter because it looks hard, but it requires mostly knit and purls and then if you follow the photos above to knit the "knit 4 below" technique, it is not that difficult to do.

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