Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012....Hello 2013!

Hello friends,

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to say to everyone here who visits my blog and follows me that I truly wish you a Happy New Year!  I have blogged a lot more this year and I have really enjoyed it.  I am so thankful for my amazing followers who have given me lots of support and feedback and I hope you are all going to be enjoying New year’s eve with friends or family in any way you choose.  I will be enjoying the festivities with my family this year. 

I will leave you with some nice 2013 photos that I found on

Make 2013 a year for change and be the best you possible!! reach for the stars always :)

 See you in 2013!!


Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas is over, but let's ring in the New Year !

Hello friends!

 I hope you all had a very enjoyable Christmas or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, a good holiday or break from work J  I had a wonderful Christmas.  I got some great gifts and had a lot of happy and memorable moments.
My living room Christmas morning, yeah... we have A LOT of presents :)
Got the new Taylor Swift cd! loving it so far :)

some delicious candies I have been munching on this season.

An ornament one of my kids at the daycare made for me with her mom :) It's hard to see in the pic, but it says "To Lisa, from Ava".

I got this case from Micheals from my mom and sister. I love the slogan “Keep calm and craft on” it is so cute and so appropriate for my crafting/ knitting blog J I had to share it with you all. As a bonus I got a giftcard inside from Michaels which is like two gifts in one J

yay I can think of a few things to buy with this :P
I had made some progress on my ruffle scarf. Little by little I am getting it knitted. 


The New Year is only 4 days away! have you made your resolutions yet?
Thank you for your support to my blog!


Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hello Everyone!

 I am so so sorry that I haven’t been writing for almost the entire December.  I have been so busy with Christmas shopping, Christmas concert planning with the children, parties and just lots of shopping.  I know it is no excuse.  
I went with my family to the Distillery District in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. I finally did the photoshoot of my sister, Kristen wearing the scarf. She has asked me for me not to include her face in the photo.

My sister wearing the finished scarf! :)
Keeping her neck and hands nice and warm :)

The lone tree...

The HUGE Christmas tree in the square.

Me inside a store at Distillery
 Then we popped over to the Eaton center and saw these amazing displays around the mall :)

Close up of the tree ornaments, so pretty :)

Lit up reindeer.

I cannot believe that it is Christmas Eve today.  The month has flown by.  I have been buying my family tons of gifts this year I think I spoil the heck out of them!  But they spoil me too J
I decorated cookies with friends the other day as well.  Leeanna (elle-tea) and I got pointers from our friend Beatrice who is a baker and an expert on how to outline the cookie with icing and then flood the inside so it creates a smooth and flawless finish.  A lot of people were impressed on facebook.  It is always fun to develop new skills J
Leeanna in the land of cookies!
Too many cookies!

One that I decorated :)
The finished product, so festive :)

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Thank you for your support, you are all wonderful :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

You are "One of a kind"

Hello friends,

 Yesterday I went to the Toronto One of A Kind show.   There was an excellent assortment of crafts there including silk scarves, sock monkies, rock sculptures, cartoon buttons.  If you want to learn more about the vendors or see what was offered at the craft show you can click to their website here.

I took some photos while I was there but we were shooed away if we took any shots of the crafts themselves.  I took some Christmas tree pictures and some sleigh photos to share with you.  That was allowed haha.   
The beautiful tree
If you look closely you can spot some cute crafts in the tree.

Can you spot the sock monkies? and the beautiful robe to the right.  All handmade.

I enjoyed the show and bought these drums that were made by Northern Gourds .....  They are so cool! You put them into water and then you can tap on them with your drum sticks as shown in my photo below.  I bought them mainly because I had the idea of bringing them into work to show the toddlers I think they will go nuts over them! My friend Leeanna (elle-tea)  bought two necklaces from Daisy.... they were very cute.    You can visit their website here.  She had won a contest for two free tickets and a $100 gift certificate to spend while there from Styleblog.  It makes you realise that there are always fun ways to save money and opportunities to take advantage of!

I really enjoyed going to the show and always have.  I can’t wait until they have another one and seeing what other interesting things artists come up with.  These shows are incredible and there is even a food section where you can test out different foods, chocolates, spreads for any foodies out there! We tried some Thompson peanut butter Chocolates they were delicious.
I went to IKEA today and bought these little stuffed characters.  I bought a circus snake puppet with a top hat and stars on his tongue, two small carrot plush toys, and a lion and mouse puppet.  I think they will entertain the toddlers for quite awhile.

Thank you for your continued support I really appreciate you all.




Saturday, December 1, 2012

Scarf is done and let the Christmas season begin!

Hello Friends,

 HAPPY DECEMBER 1ST!  I am so happy that it is finally December and the real celebrating for Christmas begins! 
 I finished the scarf by sewing the buttons onto the pockets, here’s a picture below.   I used this amazing video from Jenny T. On tips on how to sew a button tightly.  Here’s the video.  So now I just have to get my  sister to have some free time to model it!  She is really busy with exams lately and assignments for University.  Tis the season!

Completed Scarf! to keep my sister warm for the winter
  I had a lot of fun this week decorating the classroom for Christmas at work.  I decorated the door with a Santa Clause that I drew (I will be posting this when it is all done).  I put some garland up, next week I will be hanging up snowflakes to decorate as well.  The kids love those because they ask to be lifted up to touch whatever is hanging from the ceiling.  I absolutely love this time of the year with working in a daycare! We also have the Christmas open house to plan when all the parents and children come into the classroom and we do some activities and have some good food and have music and singing.  A time to spend time together and the parents and teachers can mingle. I bought this “Santa’s helper” headband for the occasion from Michaels (, can’t wait to wear it on the special day!

Looking festive I must say.
Today I am going with Leeanna (elle-tea) to the One of a kind show in Toronto.  I am Looking forward to seeing all the fun crafts that professional crafters have made for the holidays.  YAY!

 Have a wonderful Saturday!
I will post again tomorrow with a new DIY!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

DIY: Christmas Paper Village

Hello friends,

 I am following through on my promise to make a paper village DIY.  I got inspired a week ago when I saw this display at Anthropologie.  I went to work on it last night and here are the steps to creating your very own winter display.  I found the instructions on how to make the trees from the Enchanted learning website and the inspiration and idea from the Anthropologie store.  It is Very easy to do! Have fun!
Gather your materials. You will need:

- scissors
- tape
- white paper (2 sheets for each tree, and one sheet for each house)
- pencil
- cotton balls, glitter, or anything you want for the snow.

 STEP TWO: fold two pieces of white paper in half, one inside the other.  Then draw a tree pattern at the fold of the paper.

STEP THREE: cut out the tree!

STEP FOUR: then separate your two tree pieces.

STEP FIVE: cut a slit with your scissors from the top of the tree down to the center on ONE of the trees, and then cut a slit from the bottom of the tree to the center on the second tree. (they fit together this way like a puzzle)
STEP SIX: fit the trees together by sliding the tree that opens at the bottom onto the tree that opens at the top!  then tape the top pieces together and then tape the bottom pieces together. TA-DA!
STEP SEVEN: If you want a house for your village, here is a house decal of the house I made.  You can print it out if you need too :)

 And a church decal :) the cross is at the bottom to cut out and tape to the top.  I ran out of room on the paper :)

 STEP EIGHT: Cut out the houses and put everything together to create your very own village! I added cotton balls for a snowy effect :)

a cozy village

A snowy tree

A christmas church

A home to keep you warm
 Hope you enjoyed the DIY, if you have any questions feel free to email me at  I'd be happy to answer questions, and get your feedback :)

Have a lovely evening and keep warm! :)


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