Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas is over, but let's ring in the New Year !

Hello friends!

 I hope you all had a very enjoyable Christmas or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, a good holiday or break from work J  I had a wonderful Christmas.  I got some great gifts and had a lot of happy and memorable moments.
My living room Christmas morning, yeah... we have A LOT of presents :)
Got the new Taylor Swift cd! loving it so far :)

some delicious candies I have been munching on this season.

An ornament one of my kids at the daycare made for me with her mom :) It's hard to see in the pic, but it says "To Lisa, from Ava".

I got this case from Micheals from my mom and sister. I love the slogan “Keep calm and craft on” it is so cute and so appropriate for my crafting/ knitting blog J I had to share it with you all. As a bonus I got a giftcard inside from Michaels which is like two gifts in one J

yay I can think of a few things to buy with this :P
I had made some progress on my ruffle scarf. Little by little I am getting it knitted. 


The New Year is only 4 days away! have you made your resolutions yet?
Thank you for your support to my blog!



  1. oh my gosh I love the new taylor swift cd as well! :) so good!! your ruffle scarf is looking so cute!!

  2. That's a nice ruffle scarf. Lovin the iphone case :)


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