Sunday, December 2, 2012

You are "One of a kind"

Hello friends,

 Yesterday I went to the Toronto One of A Kind show.   There was an excellent assortment of crafts there including silk scarves, sock monkies, rock sculptures, cartoon buttons.  If you want to learn more about the vendors or see what was offered at the craft show you can click to their website here.

I took some photos while I was there but we were shooed away if we took any shots of the crafts themselves.  I took some Christmas tree pictures and some sleigh photos to share with you.  That was allowed haha.   
The beautiful tree
If you look closely you can spot some cute crafts in the tree.

Can you spot the sock monkies? and the beautiful robe to the right.  All handmade.

I enjoyed the show and bought these drums that were made by Northern Gourds .....  They are so cool! You put them into water and then you can tap on them with your drum sticks as shown in my photo below.  I bought them mainly because I had the idea of bringing them into work to show the toddlers I think they will go nuts over them! My friend Leeanna (elle-tea)  bought two necklaces from Daisy.... they were very cute.    You can visit their website here.  She had won a contest for two free tickets and a $100 gift certificate to spend while there from Styleblog.  It makes you realise that there are always fun ways to save money and opportunities to take advantage of!

I really enjoyed going to the show and always have.  I can’t wait until they have another one and seeing what other interesting things artists come up with.  These shows are incredible and there is even a food section where you can test out different foods, chocolates, spreads for any foodies out there! We tried some Thompson peanut butter Chocolates they were delicious.
I went to IKEA today and bought these little stuffed characters.  I bought a circus snake puppet with a top hat and stars on his tongue, two small carrot plush toys, and a lion and mouse puppet.  I think they will entertain the toddlers for quite awhile.

Thank you for your continued support I really appreciate you all.





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