Saturday, December 1, 2012

Scarf is done and let the Christmas season begin!

Hello Friends,

 HAPPY DECEMBER 1ST!  I am so happy that it is finally December and the real celebrating for Christmas begins! 
 I finished the scarf by sewing the buttons onto the pockets, here’s a picture below.   I used this amazing video from Jenny T. On tips on how to sew a button tightly.  Here’s the video.  So now I just have to get my  sister to have some free time to model it!  She is really busy with exams lately and assignments for University.  Tis the season!

Completed Scarf! to keep my sister warm for the winter
  I had a lot of fun this week decorating the classroom for Christmas at work.  I decorated the door with a Santa Clause that I drew (I will be posting this when it is all done).  I put some garland up, next week I will be hanging up snowflakes to decorate as well.  The kids love those because they ask to be lifted up to touch whatever is hanging from the ceiling.  I absolutely love this time of the year with working in a daycare! We also have the Christmas open house to plan when all the parents and children come into the classroom and we do some activities and have some good food and have music and singing.  A time to spend time together and the parents and teachers can mingle. I bought this “Santa’s helper” headband for the occasion from Michaels (, can’t wait to wear it on the special day!

Looking festive I must say.
Today I am going with Leeanna (elle-tea) to the One of a kind show in Toronto.  I am Looking forward to seeing all the fun crafts that professional crafters have made for the holidays.  YAY!

 Have a wonderful Saturday!
I will post again tomorrow with a new DIY!



  1. Awe look at you looking all cute with your elf hat! :D How fun! :D The scarf looks great :) Can't wait to read about your finds and adventures! :) Best, Dawn

  2. lol love the headband! you sound like a wonderful preschool teacher and I know all the kids and parents must love you :)

    Buttons look great like I knew they would, you have good taste lol

    and post some pics of the craft show if you took any, I like to see what goes on around the world hehe xx


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