Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chocolate is a girl's best friend

Hello Friends,

 I have been busy with job applications all last week.  I am currently looking to get another job that gives me more job satisfaction and a higher salary J  I applied to a childcare center that looks amazing and I applied to the school board in my region.  Fingers crossed I find something that is right for me !

Today I have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning my room and picking clothes that I want to give away to the Salvation army.  It was an all day job but I really got a lot done and my room is looking great J

Today I made delicious Belgian chocolate squares from a President’s Choice mix my sister got me for Christmas.    It is really simple, all you need is the mix, eggs, vegetable oil, and water.   I watched a Sex and the City episode while I waited for them to finish baking, so it was a pretty good afternoon. (Chocolate + Sex and the City= fabulous)
They taste as good as they look.

I will be baking more and cooking more so I will be posting more recipes and products in the future :)
Hope you all had a good weekend,


Saturday, January 19, 2013

DIY: Mini Easel with quotes!

Hello friends,

I have been working on this do-it-yourself craft for you.  I enjoyed making it and I think that you all will too!  I found these cute mini easels at Walmart and thought that they would make a fun DIY.   I personally love quotes so I decided to write quotes onto them for daily inspiration.  I hope you enjoy this DIY project!

Mini Easels, acrylic paint, paint brush, and a Sharpie permanent marker.

Step one: paint the easel the color paint of your choice.

I chose beige and grey because they are neutral colors and would fit in well with my room.

Paint the front of the canvas in the color of your choice. 

Step two: pick a quote that inspires you and you want to look at daily.  I chose the quotes below because they remind me to be my best self in both my career and to remember to do more things that I enjoy.  These messages help me to become the best I can be.  I looked on various websites, and then found the quotes that I used on Pinterest.

 Step three: write out your quote with the sharpie marker.  I did these myself but if you don't want to use your hand writing you can ask a friend to write them for you or use a stencil. 


 I hope you liked the DIY and come again soon!  I will be posting daily :)  Thank you for visiting :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

First knitted project of the year :)

Hello Friends,

I finished a hat last night that I have been knitting for the past week!  I am so excited to be done!  It is the second hat that I have knitted. The first one was a black hat for my dad a couple years ago and it had been knitted as a Christmas gift.  This one was for myself to practice my skill more.  I will be challenging myself a little more this year, to learn how to become a more skilled knitter :)  

picture of the hat in progress...

Completed hat!  12/01/2013
Me modeling the hat :P

 Thank you for visiting ! let me know what you think, I will be knitting more hats to get better.  I really enjoyed knitting another hat, it has been awhile :P

Have a great day!

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