Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hey all,

sorry I have not posted for some time now.
I have been working and also watching Olympics, clubbing, babysitting it's been busy, busier than usual lol.
Super Sunday is on tomorrow night! Hopefully Canada can beat the US. this time around :D GO CANADA GO! sorry, I'm really into this hehe



Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hey !

I watched the Olympic hockey tonight in the Olympics and Canada beat Germany :) that means we'll move to the Quarter against Russia. Very exciting stuff ;) fingers crossed we beat them move on so we have a chance for Gold..

Sidney Crosby



Monday, February 22, 2010

Snowy Olympics

Hey all,

It snowed here finally in Ontario, Canada!
did it ever, I wanted to get home and stay put and put my feet up on the couch and watch the bachelor tells all after work :P

I've really been watching the Olympics lately, its so interesting I'm really interested in the hockey! I might become a major hockey fan all of a sudden lol but yeah it sucks that Canada lost to the US.. bah. I was really rooting for them. Hopefully Canada can beat Finland tomorrow and then the 3 other teams, and get to the gold :D

Have a great night :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

defining ourselves

Jillian jiggs and her pigs, she made all those pigs then couldn't part with her creations, I am her. I am nerdy in the sense that I will play video games for hours, or just persistent in my gaming endeavours. A light weight and I like it that way, I don't shy away from a drink. dancer at night in the clubs I enjoy doing my thing, and shaking it as well.. ;) sensitive and intuitive I can read people and also I feel worried, almost anxious that people can read me. OCD sometimes :P

Each day we learn more and more about ourselves, what our limit is, what we would do or how we would act in a given situation, how its different than we thought. ..
I know I surprise myself sometimes, I underestimate what I can do, or what I will do. I know I need to stop.


I think I got to thinking about this defining myself after spending the night/ without sex with a guy at a party jsut talking and making out, he called me weird then kissed the back of my neck. I thought about it and weird isn't so bad, I am weird and I know it. Wh ydo we try so hard to be coool? and isn't it cooler to be weird and interesting. I jsut find it funny i've been called weird by 3 guys i've been interested in. I didnt proceed to be in relationships with any of them but they all liked me for a brief period of time. It's just funny I guess to me..

well I don't really know if this made any sense I just rambled but it's fun sometimes.

I guess I'm weird like that.

Lisa xo

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey Everyone!

hope you are all feeling the love tonight on Valentine's day! I am single so I am going to treat myself by having a foot soak, eating chocolates and listening to my favorite songs. Self love I like to call it.

I found these on postsecret tonight and really wanted to share, check out for anonymous secrets mailed on postcards.

Some are inspirational

some are sad

but we can relate to all of them in some way. have a great rest of your night!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympics begin

Let the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games begin!


Have a greatFriday night and Saturday morning :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

McDonald's coffee over timmys?

I have realised that Mcdonald's coffee is...... absolutely fantastic and delicious!!Credit

It is a gem in the rough, I would NEVER think to go to McDonald's to get a coffee but I have been lately and trust me, de-li-cious!

try it ;)
write to you tomorrow loves

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOVE your job!

Hi happy hump day!!

So I haven't talked much about my job on here... I work in a childcare center I won't say where exactly but it is with toddlers and I seriously LOVE it! I love my job. I am shaping children and making them feel amazing each day, I know I do because I give them so much love and support. It is such an amazing feeling to be doing what I do.

I have always wanted to achieve this happiness and so happy I have. The salary isn't too exciting but I can get up in the morning excited to start my day and that's worth a million dollars to me :D
hope you all find that job that makes you want to go to work !


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hello it is TUESDAY

I'm sure you all know that but, happy Tuesday!

What was special about your day today? were there things that surprised you, intrigued you? did people compliment you? did you do something well?
I hope so, and I hope you reflect on these things instead of the things that may have gone wrong.

Be grateful for the good.


Monday, February 8, 2010


Hey Everyone!

It's Monday, the start to our week. I think this will be a great week and off to a great start for me and I hope it's the same for you too !

Lately what I've been seeing most on blogs is pictures of the same items and I find that very intriguing and pleasing to the eye so here goes...


I hope you let light into your heart tonight and this week

photos all from

Sunday, February 7, 2010

More crafting

Hey Everyone !
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday night :) As promised I have posted the projects I worked on this weekend.

My own cellphone holder, like the one I knitted for my sister.

Heart garland
made from felt cutouts of hearts and white wool. I added the give love tag that was attached to socks from pink.

Got this idea from Cakies' blog.
Click here to see how she made hers, I made mine much like hers but used felt instead.

Everything together, I made the felt heart and stuffed it with poly-fil for my sister and her boyfriend, it says K+C .

Have a great end of your weekend!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quotes & Sayings

These are some pictures that I've loved and collected over the years. I'll share them with you now :)

source, unknown

source, unknown

PostSecret Secret

source, unknown

I hope you are all having a nice Saturday night, whether it's sitting quietly with a book, watching a movie with friends and family or out clubbing or partying, I hope you are all enjoying yourselves :)


Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear John

Happy Friday:)

I know it's really late friday, more saturday early early morning, but I'll post an entry tomorrow too!
longest week ever!
So tonight I went out with my best friend for dinner and a movie, we saw Dear John. It was such a sweet movie, I don't care if it had low ratings. I never care about that stuff..
I actually read the book a couple years back and really loved it, but I loved the ending in the movie better. Well of course, they want a feel good ending right? who else has seen it? and did you like it?

have a great night!
Lisa xo

source of picture: click

Thursday, February 4, 2010

oh hello

Hey Everyone :)

Happy Thursday!

It is almost the weekend! so fast approaching, just one more day we're almost there!
I plan to be very creative this weekend because during the week I wasn't working on project too much and would really love to.

Some ideas I have really been considering are:

Hearts- felt hearts sewed up and filled with poli-fil. My sister wants me to put her and her boyfriends names in the heart :P so I'll make her one too, and post it ;)

Continue working on my crafting area- fix up the spice rack, add more crafting object to the jars, clear off my desk space.

Finish knitting the green cellphone holder- I started knitting it, I must finish it this weekend and add a cute little button

Start knitting the gray tank top- start it up again, this time really understand the instructions..

What are your crafting plans for the weekend?


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This quote really spoke to me:

hope you are all feeling special and ready to show yourself to the world, feeling unique :D
Lisa xo



One more follower!
I want to share with you a quote I love:

go for long walks,
indulge in hot baths.
question your assumptions,
be kind to yourself,
live for the moment,
loosen up, scream,
curse the world,
count your blessings,
just let go, just be.
(carol shields)


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time flying, crushes, and biggest loser ;)

Hello :)

So today is Tuesday, the week usually flies by after this day. I also love my job, that's probably why it flies. It feels like it is just the weekend and boom! here it is again.

So lately, I haven't been working on anything these passed two days. I still have that green cellphone holder on my needles that I will be finishing soon.

I have a new crush? not a good one but I acknowledge it... crushes are silly things, we know the person is taken or is wrong for us yet we still can't help how we feel. Just putting it out there. Just a silly crush. That makes me smile.

The Biggest loser is on in 30 minutes, this takes up a good portion of my night. Considering I just woke up from a nap like 15 minutes ago too. I am not overweight but I find the show so inspiring and so real. I love how they really delve into peoples lives and the reasons behind their overeating. check it out if you haven't seen it!
Alright, have a goodnight !

always have your needles and wool handy ;)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy Awards

Good Morning!

It is Monday again, the beginning of the week. I hope you have a great first day back into the swing of things!

Last night I watched a bit of the Grammys. I saw Lady Gaga's performance, have to say it wasn't my favorite, and when they started saying she's a monster, I had hoped they would sing Monster but no, we got speechless yet again. The cool part was when they threw her in the flames though, she always seems to come up with new ideas, I really admire her she is so creative with her performances and I am always excited to watch. Elton John being there was cool, it was random but cool. I like your song so I enjoyed it.

Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards, Sunday night

Pink did a cool acrobatic performance, it looked awesome, you could tell there was so much practice involved in that. I appreciated that she really put the effort into hers too.
I wonder if people got wet when she turned into a human sprinkler? I sure wouldn't have wanted to be under her after she drenched herself in water and then twisted down.

Pink at the Grammy Awards

I kinda stopped watching just before Taylor Swift's performance, hope you all enjoyed it too!
Have a magnificent Monday ;)


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