Thursday, February 18, 2010

defining ourselves

Jillian jiggs and her pigs, she made all those pigs then couldn't part with her creations, I am her. I am nerdy in the sense that I will play video games for hours, or just persistent in my gaming endeavours. A light weight and I like it that way, I don't shy away from a drink. dancer at night in the clubs I enjoy doing my thing, and shaking it as well.. ;) sensitive and intuitive I can read people and also I feel worried, almost anxious that people can read me. OCD sometimes :P

Each day we learn more and more about ourselves, what our limit is, what we would do or how we would act in a given situation, how its different than we thought. ..
I know I surprise myself sometimes, I underestimate what I can do, or what I will do. I know I need to stop.


I think I got to thinking about this defining myself after spending the night/ without sex with a guy at a party jsut talking and making out, he called me weird then kissed the back of my neck. I thought about it and weird isn't so bad, I am weird and I know it. Wh ydo we try so hard to be coool? and isn't it cooler to be weird and interesting. I jsut find it funny i've been called weird by 3 guys i've been interested in. I didnt proceed to be in relationships with any of them but they all liked me for a brief period of time. It's just funny I guess to me..

well I don't really know if this made any sense I just rambled but it's fun sometimes.

I guess I'm weird like that.

Lisa xo

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