Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time flying, crushes, and biggest loser ;)

Hello :)

So today is Tuesday, the week usually flies by after this day. I also love my job, that's probably why it flies. It feels like it is just the weekend and boom! here it is again.

So lately, I haven't been working on anything these passed two days. I still have that green cellphone holder on my needles that I will be finishing soon.

I have a new crush? not a good one but I acknowledge it... crushes are silly things, we know the person is taken or is wrong for us yet we still can't help how we feel. Just putting it out there. Just a silly crush. That makes me smile.

The Biggest loser is on in 30 minutes, this takes up a good portion of my night. Considering I just woke up from a nap like 15 minutes ago too. I am not overweight but I find the show so inspiring and so real. I love how they really delve into peoples lives and the reasons behind their overeating. check it out if you haven't seen it!
Alright, have a goodnight !

always have your needles and wool handy ;)

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