Saturday, November 3, 2012

DIY: Recycled Card Ornament

 Hi friends, 

 I found a DIY project for you to try to get into the Christmas spirit! I found it at Cathie and Steve. All the photos were taken by me as I made my own version.  Try it out! just collect some of your old Christmas cards from years past and make something new from the old :) enjoy

Get a christmas card and choose the main picture or picture you like best and draw a circle around it.  Cut it out.

 Once you have your cut out,  use a triange that is lengthwise your circle and then fold up the three corners.
 Once you have cut out five pieces, glue the two flaps of each of the five together to form a circle of fine.  Do this twice for the top and bottom of your ornament.

 Glue the middle onto the flaps and connect the top piece.  Pull the ribbon up as you do this. 

And there you go, you have your very own recycled Christmas card ornament :) enjoy!

Lisa xo


  1. oh this is very clever, love the idea. Would even be a great way to print family faces inside each triangle, cute xo

  2. Fantastic Idea and what a great use for all those old Christmas cards.

    I have a project half finished at the moment that uses the same type of technique to make Christmas table decoration.


  3. Lisa - this is awesome - what a great tutorial you put together! :) Thank you for sharing this! If I make one I will definitely let you know :)

  4. oh my! This is my kind of DIY! Looks fairly easy and the results are too cute!

    Holly Foxen Wells


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