Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fluffy mittens and cupcake pillows

Hey Bloggers!

Today (much too late I know) I am going to Michaels to pick out the wool I need to begin the fluffy cuff mittens :) I am super excited to get started on this prtoject!
I found a cupcake pillow pattern as well in this "Picture perfect knits" book (pg. 57) by Laura Birek that I'd love to take on once this one is completed. I always have so many ideas and I just need to get started to complete them all.
So I am getting really excited for the fall now, i can't wait for the leaves to fall off the trees, is that weird? should i be sad summer is leaving? truth is, I have had an awesome summer and ready for an awesome fall as well. I am such a fall person, I get creatively inspired and want to make make make in the fall, the summer not so much. The winter I knit gifts for others so it is an equally fun, creative time. :)
alright! have a great weekend! happy creating

Love Lisa

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