Tuesday, November 26, 2013

WIP: Works in progress update

Hello Friends, 

Countdown to Christmas: 29 days! 
I posting another progress update! I started knitting a scarf last night out of the raspberry stitch and wanted to share my progress with you.  I love how it is turning out so far! The wool I used is very thin so the scarf feels very light.  I will definitely be wearing this closer to the end of winter and will just be wearing my thick gray scarf for now instead (made from Lion Brand thick and quick wool).   The hat and mittens I knitted are really coming in handy and keeping me so warm! So here are a few photos of my works in progress. 

The hat I am currently knitting is for my boyfriend. I have gotten a lot of it knitted, I should be done in a couple days.   I am using Bernat wool for both the red scarf and the cream scarf The red one is for my mom for Christmas and the cream raspberry stitch scarf is just to practice at this point for myself.   I will probably be knitting future Christmas gifts with this stitch because the pattern turned out beautifully.   

I hope you are all having a good morning, and have a great day!

Thanks as always for visiting, your support means a lot!

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