Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween is finished, now it's Christmas time!



I hope you all had a great time at Halloween.  There is so much to do, pick a costume, buying candies, decorating the house for Halloween.  It is nice when it is all finished and you feel like you were successful.  This year I got the candy bags ready with my mom to hand out to the children, decorated the house, dressed up as a witch at the childcare center I work at, watched double double toil and trouble, ate lots of chocolate.  We also visited the pumpkin patch last weekend it was pretty fun, but cold so we stuck around the barn to buy treats!
Getting the candy bags ready...

me, wearing a ghost necklace to get in the spirit of the holiday (it also lights up!)

As close to a jack-o-lantern as we got this year, no pumpkin carving for me! I will have to make up for it next year! ;)
 I went out for Sushi dinner with a close friend of mine on Friday night and it was such a nice time catching up and eating sushi! you can visit her new blog at! she just bought her domain and is currently setting it up! she has an awesome old blog at if you want to check it out!

Maki set dinner: Spicy dynamite roll, spicy salmon roll, and avocado roll :) YUM
 Now that Halloween is out of the way, I have noticed that stores have jumped right into Christmas merchandise! it seemed that it was the next day the amount of things that are out in stores right now!  I will be including a Christmas countdown in my blog entries from now all the way to Christmas at the top of my entries to remind us how much knitting/crafting time we have to finish up those creative gifts!

I really loved these Christmas trees at Sears and loved them even more when I realised that I could make them myself!  They looked to be covered in white material and with red yarn draped around them.  There were also brown buttons through the red yarn.  I would like to attempt to make these sometime this winter season :)

Adorable Winter fox at the Bay!  I loved it :)

More cute critters from the Bay, I wanted to take them all home!

Chapters is also getting into the spirit! I love this time of the year !
Have a great night! hope you are bundling up, it is getting colder outside!
Take care,

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