Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ten DIY Ideas for Leftover Yarn

Hello friends,

Countdown to Christmas: 31 days!
Ever wonder what to do with leftover yarn?  There isn't enough yarn to make anything so what should you do? Throw it out?
No,  you can make some of these neat DIY projects!

 Buy a clear ornament then stuff leftover yarn inside.  It looks so neat! Pinterest

 1.      The Daily shows us how we can make festive trees using our leftover yarns.  They look amazing!

   Of course this DIY would catch my eye! Wrapping yarn around tree branches.  This looks so great.  From Aesthetic outburst.

A great idea when knitting blankets or sweaters for babies to include little blocks as a gift with the leftover yarn! Pinterest  

  Use wire and leftover yarn to make colorful words! Pinterest

Barbara Elgueta shows us that we can use our yarn to make beautiful striped pillow covers.  

The Vintage Umbrella shows us that we can make wreaths with the leftover wool we have! That looks awesome!

     You can make yarn bracelets! Visit Know and tell crafts to make your own!  

Wrap your yarn around a vase to add some color for a different look! Street Paul Mag 

   Another pompom DIY! This looks beautiful and so easy to do with leftover yarn! Pinterest

I hope you saw something that inspires you,


  1. These are wonderful ideas for leftover yarn :)

    Thank you for commenting on my blog too!

    1. Thank you, I found them all on Pinterest there are so many great ideas! I wish I could make everything on that site :) thanks for your post :)


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