Monday, December 16, 2013

It's Christmastime!

Hello friends,

I have been busy with lots of fun Christmas activities lately.  Last week I went with my boyfriend to the Distillery District again but this time at night.  I was able to get a lot of nice photos with lights this time.  I wanted to share some with you.

It such a pretty sight to see all the lights around and fun to  look in all the shops.  I hope you are having fun celebrating the holidays in your own special way!

I have been working hard knitting my mom's scarf for Christmas lately.  It's getting longer now and it will be done soon! I will be posting photos!  Then I will get to work on the next project.  I have been eyeing those knitted Turban headbands lately I can't wait to knit one up!

Take care,


  1. You two are adorable.

  2. The festive lights really look great at night and give our streets a magical look. The tree looks fantastic and you have taken some lovely photographs Lisa. Good luck with getting your moms scarf finished so you can wrap it up pretty in time for Christmas x

    1. Thank you Linda! yeah I am working at knitting each day to get it completed in time for Christmas it's a real crunch! I think with working so much it is difficult but i'll knit more on my downtime to get it done :) take care,


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