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Blogmas Day 19: Looking Back on 2018 and Resolutions for 2019

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. This year has been a great year and one of my favorite so far! I found a job I love early in the year, I was maid of honor in my sister's wedding in September, I got engaged last month, and I have felt so happy and stable in life. I feel like this is the feeling I had really wanted for a long time when I was in jobs that weren't right or relationships that weren't right. 2018 has been amazing and I am excited for 2019 that will be even better. 
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Resolutions I made for 2018 and progress:

1. Get a job
 I have a job that I really enjoy and I am excited for what opportunities might come from working there. I like my team and the work I am doing. 

2. Get in shape and eat healthy  
I am getting in shape and feeling better. But I did not get down to my goal weight this year. I did not really focus on this goal and take it super seriously so next year will be the year for that as my wedding will be coming up soon. I do however feel like I have achieved this goal because I joined a gym this year and have a personal trainer and feel so strong from doing a lot of strength training and being able to lift a lot heavier weights.

3. Read 20 books 
I got to 8 books this year and maybe I will finish a 9th book, so next year I might aim for less than 20 so I can accomplish this goal next year.

4. Knit different projects
I knitted fingerless mitts and a tank top (I still haven't sewn together oops) and some more little holidays plush decorations. I knitted a ribbed scarf in December.  

5. Try cooking new vegetarian and vegan dishes 
I have tried some more recipes from cookbooks I received for various occasions. I tried making a pasta dish from the Oh She Glows book and also a chickpea dish from a sheet pan meal recipe book. I have tried a recipe my sister gave me that is a taco mix that you eat in a taco shell that is really good. I think there are so many recipes to try I could be making so much delicious and new food all the time. 


1. Use less plastic 
I would like to use mesh bags instead of plastic ones, refuse plastic bags unless I really need them, and limit buying food or other items that are wrapped in excess plastic. I bought toilet paper last week that had rolls wrapped in plastic in pairs of twos, is that necessary? I want this to be more of a focus this coming year. I might have a more tangible goal to reach each month such as only take one plastic bag from a store each month so it is an emergency situation otherwise I need to carry things and force me to bring reusable bags wherever I go. I also want to stock up on more totes I can bring with me shopping like the one below and also purchase more environmentally friendly products like the wooden toothbrush. I did but mesh bags to put my produce in instead of using those plastic bags each time I grocery shop.

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2. Knit a shawl 
 in 2018 I kept thinking I want to knit a shawl and I never did, this year I would like to find a nice shawl pattern on Ravelry and go for it. 

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3. Read 15 books 
 As I mentioned above, reading 20 books was a bit of a stretch for me this year and so I brought it down to 15. I kept it higher than what I achieved this year so I could aspire to get to a higher number because I am almost at 10 and it is doable. Then each year I can work my way up to 20, 25,30 etc. I really love to read I just don't take enough time out of my day to read and usually try to squeeze it in right before bed when I am tired. Once I get started reading, I love it and can read for hours. 

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4. Complete 12 knitting projects 
I would like to complete a new project each month next year. Most years I probably do get to this number, but some I don't and it would be a fun to have a monthly project to work on and help to set time limits to how long I am working on something.

5. Find and secure a venue for my wedding 
 This is a goal that I have to do because I will be getting married in 2020 and we need to find a venue to have the wedding and make sure we secure a location in order to move ahead with other plans. I am looking forward to really getting into planning the wedding next year. This year has been busy since our late fall engagement with Christmas coming and other things on the go. I am looking forward to slowing down in the new year and taking more time out to plan.

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6. Get to my goal weight
I would really like to get down to my goal weight this year and really feel ready for this to finally happen again after years of wanting to but not getting there. I am now part of a gym and have a trainer and should really make better use of these resources. This is the year for it to happen before my wedding. I want to feel and look my best for one of the biggest days of my life. 

What are your New Years Resolutions for 2019? 

Thank you for visiting my blog for blogmas day 19. It was fun writing this post and I love sharing my year reflection of the goals I made more this year and looking ahead to the goals I want to focus on for the next year. 

Have a great day!

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