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First Day of Blogmas 2018, Blogmas Link up, and My Favourite Christmas Movies

Hello Friends,

The day is finally here... its the first day of blogmas! This will be my first day taking part in the tradition. I think it such a fun idea to think of ideas to post each day and a great way to discover new blogs and connect with others. I hope to also offer some interesting and festive content that you will all enjoy. So lets get started!

I hope that you are enjoying the holidays so far. It is such a special time of the year and it is always made more special because I look forward to watching some of my favorite Christmas movies. I haven't watched all of these movies every year and a year or two will go by at times without watching some of them. I think of of them when I listen to music or when I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas. The movies below are the ones I am most looking forward to watching this year...

1. Its a Wonderful Life

At the top of my list is Its a Wonderful Life. This movie is a staple in our family as the movie we watch on Christmas Eve after opening our presents and pajamas by the tree. Growing up, we would curl up on the couch after wards and watch the last hour of the movie. I love when George and Mary stop in front of the old house that will be their future home and George asks Mary if she would like him to lasso the moon for her and then Mary years later Mary has a picture of George Lassoing the moon in her living room. There are so many good messages in the movie about sacrifices, love, and marriage.

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2. Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street is a movie that my sister and I would watch every year growing up. We watched the remake made in 1994 and watching it was a tradition I could probably say some of the lines off by heart. I just love the whole film, there is so much to the movie. The idea of believing in the magic of Christmas and Santa clause, kindness to others, and being open to love. It is such a heart warming story and definitely going to watch it this year.

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3. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

This movie is so cute and a perfect short film to watch and take me back to watching with my parents when I was a child. I used to be afraid of the abominable snow monster that would appear and roar behind the snowy mountain and then chase Rudolph and his friends. It is a classic and a fun one to watch every year.

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4. A Charlie Brown Christmas

I love the Charlie Brown movies for the different holidays. He is always trying to fit in and to be understood and the other children do not seem to respect him. This movie speaks to what Christmas is really about and brings our attention back to the true meaning of Christmas and to celebrate together and not be taken over by the commercial aspect of Christmas. Charlie Brown works hard to put on a Christmas play and to inspire others to get into the spirit of Christmas.

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5. Jingle all the way

This funny movie is so heart warming that follows a father trying to make it up to his son this Christmas by getting him Turbo Man which is THE toy of the season. He then ends up on a journey trying to track the toy down. It is a fun movie and great to remember the true meaning of Christmas is time spent with family.

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6. The Santa Clause

I love this movie and have not watched it in a couple of years. Tim Allen is hilarious as he tries to understand how he becomes Santa Clause and his son struggles with knowing the truth that leads the rest of the adults around him to think that it did not happen and his father, Scott Calvin is telling him stories. It is such a fun movie to watch and a favorite of mine.

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7. The Grinch

I love the remake with Jim Carey of the original cartoon version of the Grinch. It is funny and heartwarming and tells the story of the Grinch who is alienated by a society because he looks and acts different from them. He has negative emotions about Christmas because of how the Who's treated him around the time he left Whoville. The Grinch touches on the true meaning of Christmas when a girl named Cindy Lou realizes that everyone should be included at this special time of the year. I have a special memory of watching this in high school on the last day of school before holidays and then going home for the Christmas break and feeling excited for Christmas. I am going to see the new Grinch movie tonight and I will let you know what I thought about it!

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Snuggling up on the couch under a cozy blanket with some eggnog watching these Christmas movies makes the season feel more special and helps me get into the Christmas Spirit! There are so many other good movies like Elf, The Holiday, and Mickey's Christmas Carol which I may also be watching but I have seen those more recently and really want to watch the ones listed. I will of course also be knitting or wrapping gifts while I am watching them. Do you also like to watch Christmas movies, which ones do you like or would like to watch this year?

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Thank you for visiting for the first day of my blogmas posts! Please come back tomorrow for another blogmas post!

Have a great day!


  1. Nice list!! I'm excited as my kids are a bit older this year so we don't have to be so 'careful' with films, my top 5 for this year are - The Grinch, Home Alone, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Bad Santa (obviously without the kids!!) and Elf (my all time favourite movie!!) - looking forward to reading more blogmas posts x

    1. Thank you! That's good you can watch the films you want to with your kids. I haven't seen Ralph Breaks the Internet, I might check that out! love the others you mentioned though. Elf is the best! Thanks for stopping by I will be visiting yours too!

  2. No Christmas without "Home Alone" !
    Have fun with blogmas !

    1. That is true, I love the Home Alone Christmas movie that is such a funny movie! Thanks Anna! Enjoy the season :)

  3. Such a great list of Christmas movies! Reading your comments about the films brings back memories of our wonderful family times together. "It's a Wonderful Life" is definitely my favourite. It's relevant and heartwarming. I'm looking forward to reading all of your blogmas posts!


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