Friday, December 7, 2018

Blogmas Day 7: Decorating for Christmas

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. Today I will share how I have decorated (so far) for Christmas! I say so far because I never know if there will be something else that I might want to buy and also we haven't put up our tree in the living room yet. Earlier this week, I decorated our apartment with the decorations we had already, and then today I added the decor I bought from Michaels yesterday.

The first of the decor is the top of a dark brown shelf we have in the living room. I bought this white tree this year at a farm nearby called Springridge farm. I went with my family close to Halloween and they had mostly Christmas items. I guess they know that there are a lot of people also buying Christmas things there at that time of the year. I love the tree it is so pretty and works perfectly to bring this snowy scene together. I have a reindeer I got at Dollarama last year and a snowy fox I bought at Target when it was still here. I have had the polar bear that is sitting under the tree for many years.

On the shelf below the winter themed display, is a simple Christmas tree, a toy box I bought at a craft show, and a Santa. 

On the shelf in our living room has these two love polar bears, a purple ornament I painted when I was in elementary school, obviously with a little help! and my favorite picture with a good reminder to always be thankful, a nativity scene I bought many years ago, and a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer themed box my sister made me many years ago.

The elf (not the one on the shelf) but maybe his cousin and a little festive teddy bear always sit right on the windowsill behind our couch.

The knitted stockings I made last year and I have Rudolph and Clarice into the stockings. You can read the post on the pattern I used and how I made them here

I have my Christmas pillow I got from Michaels last year. I love it! As I mentioned yesterday I was looking for some other pillows just as cute from Michaels this year but was out of luck.

Here is the picture I bought from Michaels this week that says Merry and Bright. I love the rustic style and the details on the sign. The aluminum pieces at the top and bottom are also a nice touch.

This is how the decorative vase turned out once I put it all together. The piece with the holly is one I had already and the vase. I added the candy cane piece and the joy piece and added the glitter filler and I am loving how it all turned out.  The little dish beside it with the bears on front is one I have had for many years now. I will fill it with candies or chocolates soon for Christmas.

The tree below is in our office on my desk. I bought the pine cone style ornaments this year at Springridge farm and used the hooks I bought from Michaels to hang them up. It is always so special putting this tree on my desk in November and I love to look at it while I am on my laptop or planning.

Thank you so much for stopping by today for the 7th day of blogmas. We are moving right along now with December. I feel like it will go by quick because it has gone by fast already and has been so busy. I will try to savor every moment and I feel like blogmas has been a good thing for me to make plans for the month to make sure I do all of the celebrating, decorating, knitting, and baking I want to do for the season.

Have a great day! Happy Friday

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