Thursday, December 6, 2018

Blogmas Day 6: Dollar Tree and Michael's Haul for Christmas

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the holidays so far. I drove to the Dollar Tree and Michaels last night after work to pick up some things for Christmas. I had some things I needed and some fun things I just wanted to buy for the season. I wanted to show you what I purchased last night along with some things from Michael's from a previous trip I took there in November. There are really good sales at Michaels here in Canada now. It is a good time to go shopping before Christmas while there are still a lot of Christmas items to choose from.

My Christmas haul
At the Dollar Tree, I picked up a few wrapping papers to save some money on the paper. I love the one that says "No Peeking" on it. They had a good variety at the Dollar Tree and a lot of Christmas bags and boxes. I might be back for more! I also purchased some children's mittens which I will be donating to a collection at work.

At Michaels I bought the sign below that says Merry and Bright. I just love the rustic style of the wood with the white paint painted over it. I also love the the font and color of the green letters. I am so excited to put this sign up on the wall. They also had another one in a similar rustic style that was red and had white letters and said comfort and joy. This is the first Christmas wall hanging we have in the apartment.

This sign makes me feel merry

I also bought some balls of yarn to knit up a Santa gnome ornament pattern I found on Ravelry. I will be working on knitting the ornament soon. The pattern is by Red Heart so I purchased the colors they require in their brand and  I was happy that they had all of the colors I needed and I purchased the Patons Astra yarn for Santa's face.

Lots of yarn!

I got the red glitter filler below to add to a vase I have. I bought the two picks below the photo of the filler to put into the vase with this Christmas arrangement I had already. I think the filler will look great in the vase and the assortment of other pieces. I also bought the ornament hooks, I have some new ornament below I want to hang up on my little tree in the office.

I bought the ornaments below last month from Michaels and I just love the color and think they are so pretty. I am looking forward to putting them onto the tree when we get it next week!

Some other things I thought would be great to buy but did not find the right thing at Michaels, are new Christmas cushions for the living room and a festive blanket. I looked at Michaels and did not love their selection of cushions this year. Last year I bought a white cushion that says Merry Christmas on it and just had to have it once I saw it, but not this year. Maybe I missed out on the cute cushions. The blankets were nice there but pricey so I might look around for those two items, then I think I will be done for buying Christmas decor for this year. 

I am still working on knitting up the scarf and I am nearly done. I should be able to wear it this weekend!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and seeing some of the things I bought to get ready for Christmas decorating. I will be sharing a blog post tomorrow on how I decorated for Christmas this year and I will show you how everything looks around the apartment. Please let me know if you have your own blogmas posts to share, I would love to visit your blog too!

Have a great day!


  1. I'm very much enjoying your posts! Though I didn't start doing it consciously start with Blogmas, but apparently I'm doing it anyway ...


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