Friday, December 21, 2018

Blogmas Day 21: A Christmas Miracle

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I can't believe that Christmas is only 4 days away now. It is such a special time of the years when we believe in miracles and magic of Christmas. Yesterday our power went out in our area and Liam and I were waiting for the power to come back on. As it got darker we found flashlights and used them to light our way. I needed to go out and Liam had to go somewhere. I stumbled around in the dark and got ready and thought how we take electricity and light it causes for granted. When I got back from going to the gym and then the grocery store with items to bake cookies, all of the lights on our block and the block over were still in darkness. I was thinking that I needed a miracle for the power to come back on so I could bake the cookies in time to bring to work tomorrow and also to share as a blog entry with all of you. As I walked down the street I kept thinking that and taking in the darkness of our street. It looked like a different street to me, so different all in darkness. I anticipated having to go inside and grab the flashlight and thought of how the items I purchased like eggs,milk, and butter would all go bad. Just then the power came back on and the first thing I saw was all the houses being lit up by beautiful Christmas lights.I felt so overcome with joy and relief that I could turn on the lights when I got inside and bake cookies. How many times have I turned on lights with no gratitude or second thought? Now it was a blessing. I think that night I felt like there was a higher power looking out for me and the power came on right at the perfect time.I am grateful that it all worked out the way it did and so grateful that we have had our power ever since.

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I believe that it was a Christmas miracle last night and it is because of my hoping and wishing that I could witness a miracle. The way it all happened with the lights and power coming back on right as I walked down our street I believe it was.

Have you experienced a Christmas miracle this season?

Thank you for visiting my blog it was so nice to have you stop by. Please join me again for tomorrow's blog post.

Have a great day!


  1. Happy Holidays to you and your family !
    Have fun, laugh and enjoy every second with your love ones !

  2. What a beautiful Christmas miracle !


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