Monday, December 6, 2021

My Christmas Décor- Blogmas Day 6

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. Today I am sharing the Christmas decorations in my home. Every year I like to decorate several areas of my home with collected and cherished Christmas decorations. I decorated my home last night for Christmas and I am happy with how it looks all decorated now. I still want to get a few things like a red or green throw for the couch, outdoor lights for our porch railing, and an outdoor arrangement for the porch. I will probably be adding more closer to Christmas and I will share these once I add them.

I bought a Christmas wreath from Canadian Tire for our front door this year. I love it so much and I love the size and the look of this one.  

Our Christmas tree is all decorated now because since we got Millie this year and she is still small, we aren't putting up our christmas balls that are breakable this year. I don't want to risk them breaking and her getting hurt. She is still climbing the tree so I would rather not do garland this year because then we can grab her out of the tree easier if we have to. In the photo below, she is sitting in her basket by the window. She has a blanket in the basket and enjoys sleeping there.

On our Tv stand, I have a flameless LED candle, a Christmas flower arrangement, and the yarn tree I made a couple of years ago on one side. On the other side, I have the Christmas tree mason jars set up that were a DIY a couple of years ago, also the Christmas countdown reindeer I bought at Superstore a couple of years ago, and a Winter fox from Target when it was in Canada while I was working there.

I put the elf and a couple other small decorations like the gnome Santa I knitted and the christmas bear on the IKEA plant stand. I still have my African violet, but the others are now gone and I have a bamboo plant in the bathroom. 

I also have my little tree in the office I put some ball ornaments from IKEA and some pine cone ornaments. I love having this little tree lit up in the den area. I also put the Twas' the Night before Christmas sign on the shelf beside the tree, and my Santa from Michaels on the other side.

I made a simple arrangement in the downstairs washroom with a plastic reindeer I got at the Dollar store many years ago, and the small tree I just bought at Michaels yesterday.

I love my corner display on the tray in the kitchen. I have now added the bear christmas dish I got from Dollar store many years ago and I added a new little tree from Michaels. I added the jar with candy cane lid to the side and also added chocolates there as well. I have also added a glass vase with some red glittery ball filler, the berries, and a candy cane with bells decoration.

On the couch, I added my Merry Christmas cushion I bought at Michaels years ago.

I have a photo hanging on the wall just above the couch my sister gave me of a winter scene with a snowman, child, and a dog.

Thank you for visiting my blog today for blogmas day 6. I am enjoying these daily posts and sharing how we decorated our home for Christmas. It is so special taking out these decorations and placing them around my home each year, remembering years past when I bought them or made them. See you again tomorrow for blogmas day 7!

Have a great day!


  1. so many lovely decorations!! I love Christmas!

  2. The Christmas décor is looking very good! Will have to visit before Christmas.

  3. Hi
    Amazing Christmas decorations. Beautiful Christmas tree. I like. U send me some gift .👌🌷


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