Saturday, November 11, 2017

What is in My Essential Knit Kit

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. Today my sister and I went to a yarn store in Toronto and I will share more about that trip and my yarn haul tomorrow. I watched Leisel's video on Buckaloo View about her knitting kit essentials and decided to do a blog post in response to the question "what is in your essential knit kit?" I am making a blog post to write about my knitting essentials. I will throw it out there to you all, what is in your essential knit kit?

1. Knitting bag
I received this Nantucket bag as a gift many years ago and it is so handy for story needles and things in. There are many pockets on the sides and then a large compartment in the middle. This part usually ends up being a bit cluttered especially with circular needles. I need to come up with a system for those. I really like the bag though to keep the needles all in one place.

2. Needles in many sizes but mostly US 10/ 6 mm
I have a lot of needles in my knitting bag. Somehow I acquired many needles size US 10/ 6 mm because maybe when I was starting out knitting I kept doing patterns using that size and never knew if I owned the right needles so kept buying them? That is my guess.

Some needles but definitely not all of them!

3. Row counters
I was happy to receive the red clover row counter for my birthday this year. I also have a manual one that would sometimes turn on its own if I put it down quickly. So I asked for the Clover one for my birthday and I am loving it! these little things come in handy when working on projects that call for 9 rows of k1,p1 and then 5 rows of purl. You can keep track of how many rows you knitted. I used to write this down on a paper by drawing lines and numbers or on my phone when I don't have a row counter on me.

4. Darning needles 
I always seem to misplace these little needles and think to myself where is the needle! I like sticking them in this plush heart I made some years ago and knowing they are there on my desk. It also helps me to track them down.

5. Stitch markers and blocking pins
Stitch markers are a life saver for me when I am knitting. I mostly have these turquoise ones. I have seen so many cute ones on Instagram, I will have to get some in the future.These blocking pins came in handy when I was blocking my sweater pieces and will help out with pinning down pieces for future projects.
Stitch markers on the left and blocking pins on the right 

I would like to add some more things to my knit kit like some scissors specially for cutting yarn. I liked some gold fancy looking ones today at a yarn store in Toronto called Romni Wools. I would also like to buy some fun stitch markers and add variety to my collection as well as add variety to my needles. I saw some bamboo needles today with different Plasticine designs on the ends which would be really nice to work with. I have a few other tools in the bag, but these are my essentials that I use most of the time and that I can't knit without.

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Have a great day!


  1. I have stitch markers in nearly every knitting bag I own, which means when I need a bunch for a single project, I have to run around finding and opening all the bags to track down enough to use.

    I also keep a crochet hook in whatever is my active project bag because inevitably I'll drop a stitch when I'm away from home and will need to fix my knitting on the go.

  2. Perfect kit !
    Have a nice Sunday !

  3. I love having all my essentials at the ready when I am knitting and it appears you have the perfect bag for the same thing :)


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