Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Favorite Knitting and Lifestyle Vlogs on YouTube

Hello Friends,

I hope you're doing well. Today I was busy studying all day for a quiz, so I did not get to working on my blog post of the day until way later today. I love reading blogs and always check Bloglovin' every morning to see if there are any updates on your blogs, then check out my blog and read the comments. I look forward to this routine every morning and love to drink my smoothie and catch up with what is going on in the blogging world. I also love to watch vlogs on YouTube and I have several that I really enjoy watching. I am usually knitting while watching them because the vlogs are so relaxing to knit to. So below is a list of my favorites, hope that you enjoy reading about them and maybe check some out:

1. Jamie's Simple Life
Jamie talks about her life and posts videos such as day in the life, clean with me, and lately she has been posting a lot of pregnancy update videos. She is having a boy in December this year and I am really excited for her because I have been following her journey from the beginning of her pregnancy. I have been watching her videos for one year now, I started watching her Vlogmas videos last year and they were so fun to watch.

2. Buckaloo View
I like to watch Leisel's videos to see what she is up to, she is a spinner, natural dyer, sewer, knitter, and designer, she does it all. I like how she mentions she is trying to revamp her old family farm and bring it back to life. She shares projects she is working on, books she is reviewing, patterns she tests out and updates on her life.

3. The Gentle Knitter 
I like watching Nicole's podcasts because she talks about projects she is working on and some patterns she will be trying out. She discusses books she wants to share and many interesting things with her viewers. She is also Canadian which is pretty cool! probably the only vlogger I follow who is from Canada.

4. Grace Report
I like watching Grace's videos, they are all about Teen Mom Gossip and she discusses other shows too but she really focuses on Teen Mom. Her commentary is always hilarious and entertaining and she comments on little things during the shows that I missed sometimes. I like how she digs up information on the cast members from Twitter and other social media I would never have known about otherwise. So if you enjoy watching Teen Mom as well you will love watching her channel!

5. Glitterandgroceries
I like Maureen's videos because she shares her holiday decor finds, trips to Disneyworld (I want to go!), and activities she does with family such as the garage sale she did with her mom last weekend to declutter before Christmas. I also love her Vlogmas videos! last year I started watching during her Vlogmas series and enjoyed seeing how she prepared for Christmas. She loves Christmas probably as much or more than I do, that is a big reason why I like watching her Vlogmas videos too.

6. So You're Dating a Vegan
I started watching Duncun and Liz's videos right after I went vegetarian and was so curious about the vegan lifestyle. It is fun to watch as they travel and find vegan restaurants and bakeries, try new recipes, and do tastings of vegan foods. I really enjoyed watching their video series of people doing vegan challenges. They are so fun to watch and their videos are always so entertaining and interesting.

I hope to discover some more knitting podcasts to follow because so far I only watch two and mostly watch lifestyle vlogs. If you have any lifestyle or knitting vlogs you'd like to share, let me know about them in the comments section below, I would love to discover some more.

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Have a great day!


  1. I watch quite a few knitting podcasts. You can see my channel list here -

  2. Thank you Dee! I forgot to respond to your comment! I checked out this list in November and going to look through again now to discover some new channels, thank you for sharing with me and other readers :)


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