Sunday, November 5, 2017

Vegan Challenge 22+ and Progress on Knitting the Stocking

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. Last night was so cold, it was the first time I wore my winter jacket this season. I am glad I did, because as my boyfriend and I were walking I had to steal his mittens because my hands got really cold. I had a hat on which was good but my feet were cold in my sneakers. Winter is approaching which is exciting for a knitter, time to pull out the knitted hats, scarves, mittens, and sweaters etc. Last night, my boyfriend and I walked to a vegan restaurant called Fresh and I had a wrap with tempeh and tofu with kaleslaw, it is so yummy I am glad there are these options as a vegetarian it makes it more enjoyable and fun to try out new foods. I also tried the chocolate fudge cake for dessert that is vegan as well and it was so delicious.

I also wanted to mention that  I am starting the vegan Challenge 22, on November 10th, which is 22 days of eating vegan. This means no meat, dairy, egg, or honey for 22 days. I have been vegetarian since September 18th 2017(48 days!) and I have also been reducing my intake of dairy, eggs, and honey. I think I will be able to do this because it is always on my mind and I think it is so important to reduce the amount of animal products I eat for my health. I have been feeling great since going vegetarian/mostly vegan. I just watching Joey Carbstrong's video on YouTube today called "She Saw the Truth and Went Vegan on the Spot", and it really reminded me how important this cause is and to try the 22 day challenge he suggests in the video. Have any of you tried to go vegan for a challenge or are vegan now?

Challenge 22 photo (photo source) Click to go to the challenge!

I have been working on knitting the second stocking and I am finished knitting the cuff now. I started knitting the stripes of the stocking today. I am using the pattern Jumbo Christmas Stocking in a Jiffy- Striped by Jennifer Jackson from Ravelry. I was listening to Christmas music while knitting today and getting in the spirit. Christmas is only 50 days away now!

I am still reading the book Not Working by Lisa Owens and really loving it so far. I like the main character and I can relate to what she is going through in her life as I am also looking for a job soon.

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Have a great day!


  1. Good for you that you're doing the Vegan Challenge. It sounds interesting. I've had vegan meals but never a full day or week.

  2. Good luck with your vegan challenge. Glad that it is helping you to feel better to eat vegetarian.

    We are not vegetarians full time, but we eat a lot less meat now than we used to.

  3. I have recently begun to eat vegan until dinner. I will have to check out the 22 day challenge idea

  4. good luck - I bet you will love doing it!


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