Friday, November 10, 2017

First Day of My 22-Day Vegan Challenge and Knitting Progress

Hello Friends,

I hope you're doing well. Last night we had the first snowfall of the season in Toronto and it is very cold today. There isn't much snow on the ground, just a sprinkle of it. I hope this winter weather holds off just a bit longer because I don't feel ready for the cold and snow yet.

Today is day 1 of the 22 day vegan challenge I am doing called Challenge 22+. I decided to do the challenge because I am vegetarian now and eating mostly vegan but wanted to challenge myself to not having dairy, eggs, and honey at all for 22 days. I am not sure at this point if I could go vegan permanently just because so many products have milk ingredients and eggs. If you would like to join the challenge, you still can, they have different groups for the challenge starting at different times on Facebook. They match you up with a mentor who you can ask questions and they offer support. My mentor is so friendly, helpful, and supportive and I feel like it will be a great experience.

Day 1: What I Ate:
Today I ate oatmeal (Robin Hood Quick Oats) with one banana cut up and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I also had some coffee and poured in some almond milk. I like to use the Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk in my smoothies and coffee to add extra flavoring. For lunch I had an Amy's brand bean and rice burrito. Not all of the burritos are vegan but there are two types that I get all the time which are: bean and the one I had today, bean and rice. I got a veggie burger at South St. burger for dinner on a lettuce wrap with some fries. Later I had a couple spoons of So Delicious dairy-free frozen dessert in the chocolate flavor.

I tried this So Delicious dairy-free frozen dessert tonight and loved it! It tasted exactly like ice cream! I loved this chocolate flavor. I can really see myself switching to dairy-free frozen desserts now over ice cream too. I had my doubts before buying it that it would not taste as good as ice cream, but it exceeded my expectations.

My second stocking is coming along, I knitted some more stripes and should be done in time for decorating this week or next week! I am still working on untangling the alpaca yarn and hope to get started on those socks soon.

 I forgot to share with you guys that I received these cute needles and wool socks as a gift for my birthday. I love these socks, I will wear them yarn shopping with my sister tomorrow!

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Have a great day!


  1. I'll be interested to hear about your vegan trial. I've been making great progress in choosing healthy ingredients and recently read all about the benefits of coconut oil. It sounds like magic. I agree going vegan could be very difficult. Until you mentioned it I hadn't thought about honey not being vegan. I have a lot to learn. I love the wool and needles socks!

  2. Best of luck on the 22+ Challenge! I don't eat a lot of meat, but like you said - dairy products are in a lot of stuff. I don't think I could ever do a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle the way it's supposed to be done. But my hat's off to anyone who can!

    The stocking is looking great, and those yarn-shopping socks are adorable!

    Kim @ The ReInVintaged Life

  3. Cute, cute, cute socks!!!

    Good luck with the vegan challenge. I've tried doing soy in my latte and didn't like it. Maybe I should try it with almond milk. I drink almond milk and like it.

  4. good luck! love your knitting and I do love that ice cream immensely :)


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