Saturday, November 18, 2017

How to Knit the Caterpillar Stitch - Stitchy Saturday

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I hope you are doing well. For today's post, I am sharing how to knit the caterpillar stitch. It is a fun and easy stitch to knit up.

Caterpillar Stitch


Cast on in multiples of 6

Row 1: K1, P5  Right side
Row 2: K5, P1  Wrong side
Row 3: K1, P5
Row 4: K5, P1
Row 5: K1, P5
Row 6: K5, P1
Row 7: P3, K1, P2
Row 8: K2, P1, K3
Row 9: P3, K1, P2
Row 10: K2, P1, K3
Row 11: P3, K1, P2
Row 12: K2, P1, K3

Repeats row 1-12

Pattern from Studio Knit

What I thought: 
It was an easy stitch that is repetitive and ends up giving a nice texture to the finished knitted piece. I like the caterpillar-like formations made by knit stitches in lines popping out among the purled stitches. I would use this stitch pattern at the bottom of a hat to add texture.  

Knitter level: beginner 
This pattern is simple, repetitive and very easy to follow. I think it would be a fun stitch pattern for a beginner to try as a good way introduce themselves to knitting a pattern.

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  1. It looks good on that white yarn. Might make a good stitch for a baby blanket too.


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