Thursday, November 16, 2017

Knitting Progress and Some Christmas Decor

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. Yesterday I went to the Eaton centre in Toronto and made my very first Christmas gift purchase. I was happy to buy something yesterday while at the mall before it gets way too crazy there with people running around looking for last minute gifts. I would really like to get all my shopping done in November preferably but we shall see. I put up my mini Christmas tree beside my desk on the file cabinet. I really love it being there, so now when I am doing work, I can have it right beside me and feel the coziness of a lit Christmas tree. I will be adding small ornaments to it soon and maybe knit a few small ball ornaments to hang up for knitting inspiration. I will be putting up all of my Christmas decorations soon except the tree because we buy a real tree closer to Christmas so I will share that with you in December. I can't wait to put up the tree!

Knits under the tree

I made some progress on knitting the tank top yesterday and today. It has been fun to knit so far! I love the texture of the yarn and it is easy to knit quickly with the yarn and the metal needles I selected. I have not made further progress on the stocking recently, but I will be picking it up tomorrow to make some progress so I can finish it soon.

While downtown Toronto last weekend, I took some pictures of Christmas decorations that were put up at the Eaton Centre and outside the Bay in their windows. The Eaton centre has a huge reindeer up so far, but they have not revealed the Christmas tree yet. Looking forward to seeing it when it is put up.

It is tradition to go see the window decorations outside the Bay at Christmas time and my sister and I made sure we paid them a visit. I only took a photo of the Toronto themed window which I liked the most. The trains at the bottom of the display spun around. I liked the Toronto sign behind the skating rink which is in Nathan Philips square. It has become a popular spot in Toronto. I also love the CN tower in the background.

Bay windows winter display in Toronto

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  1. That is quite some reindeer. Several of the shopping centers we have been to have had their trees up already. I don't know that they are lit yet, but they are up.

  2. That is a very big deer! The Christmas tree in the park by my office put their tree up last weekend and the Macy's windows are due to be unveiled next Monday or Tuesday, I think.

    I got some Christmas things done this week, too -- I signed up for a swap, sent out party invitations, and wrote up a blog event.

  3. It's a little to soon for me to put Christmas decorations but the seasons is coming...Yuppie !!!

  4. growing up we would go to downtown Pittsburgh to see the window displays and to see Santa :) I loved it as a child.


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